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Sterling Sterling

Sink into fun, fashionable designs to deliver the perfect home upgrade.

Established in 1907 and quickly recognized as a leading manufacturer of faucets and brassware, Sterling has been known for their diversity of products and industry-leading designs for over a century. In 1984 Sterling was acquired by Kohler Co. to create a mid-priced, full-line plumbing brand and allow Kohler the opportunity to sell their products in retail stores. Over the years, Kohler quickly began acquiring other companies to help enhance the Sterling line of products that was quickly growing into the likes of stainless steel sinks, compressed fiberglass bathtubs and enclosures, and vitreous china products. With that said, Kohler was able to take a modestly sized faucet company and turn it into a successful full-line brand. Today, Sterling® is a brand of Kohler co., and their diversity in products, craftsmanship, and innovation over a broad range of price points makes them a recognized leader in kitchen and bath design. Learn More


Convenient. Stylish. Affordable. Sterling believes that when it comes to creating the kitchen or bathroom you've always wanted, one of these qualities should never have to give way to another. When it comes to appearance and performance, Sterling has everything AND the kitchen sink.

Options for every budget and style

From warm traditional to sleek contemporary, Sterling has the fixtures and accessories to help you create a comfortable and functional space. Sterling recognizes the often-overlooked fact that bathroom and kitchen fixtures should not only look good but also be durable enough for everyday use.

The durability you need

Sterling takes pride in the quality of its work and materials, and it shows. From sinks made of solid Vikrell material® to tempered glass shower doors, everything Sterling produces is crafted to last. Patented SilentShield Technology, used on Sterling stainless steel kitchen sinks, reduces sound and vibration.

Because you know DIY isn't a four-letter word

Thanks to designs that are easy to install and affordably priced, Sterling has positioned itself as the brand of choice for DIYers. Just because you want to do the work yourself is no reason to compromise on quality or style. Each Sterling sink includes step-by-step installation instructions, and print-ready electronic downloads are also available for nearly all products.

From Faucets to a Full Line

Founded in 1907, the Sterling Faucet Company was an industry-leading independent producer of faucets and other brassware, a position that it still held when acquired by Kohler Co. in 1984. Through integration with the full range of design and production capabilities of Kohler, the Sterling brand was able to enhance its products and services, and today it occupies a commanding position in the marketplace of kitchen and bath design.