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Committed to preserving the earth, Varaluz creates products from reclaimed and recycled materials. Most of their lighting fixtures are made from steel containing 70% or greater recycled content, and 100% recycled glass. This practice helps cut down on manufacturing waste, giving you peace of mind when installing their fixtures in your home.

Eco-Friendly Lighting

One person's trash is another person's treasure ? or light fixture. No company embodies that sentiment more than Varaluz lighting, the industry leader in recycled, sustainable modern light fixtures.

Glow Green with Varaluz Lighting

Your ceiling lighting doesn't have to simply serve a purpose. It can also be a piece of art, at least if you choose to decorate with a light fixture from Varaluz home lighting. Varaluz ceiling lights will add a touch of eco-elegance to any room in your house. Choose from a variety of one-of-a-kind sculptural pendant lights and chandeliers to create a bold focal point in any room. For a slightly more subtle approach, check out our selection of Varaluz semi flush-mount chandeliers in art-inspired shapes. For a more concentrated glow, mini pendant lights can be hung at even intervals over a kitchen island or used to illuminate a smaller area.

Forget using a torch or candle, Varaluz wall lights make it easy to light your way with the flick of a switch. No matter what size wall you're looking to brighten up, Varaluz's chic, energy-efficient wall lights are designed to add some glamour to your home's hallways. Single- or multi-light fixtures can be used to add a decorative accent next to a fireplace or mantle or to help light a dark stairwell. And you can make your morning routine a little brighter by adding eye-level lighting near your bathroom sink or vanity.

Whether modern/contemporary styles or transitional fixtures light your fire, there's a Varaluz wall or ceiling fixture to light your home. In a variety of unique, eye-catching colors, including black, bronze, silver, gold, white, and more, Varaluz light fixtures are guaranteed to blend seamlessly into your wall or ceiling and enhance your existing color palette. By utilizing sustainable materials and modern designs, Varaluz fixtures give you the confidence that environmentally friendly attitude doesn't have to end with taking out the recycling--it can also extend to your lighting choices.