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Commercial Room Divider Buying Guide

Your working space is a sacred space – you spend many of your waking hours there, and it's the place where you focus at your finest, brainstorm productively, problem-solve for the best solutions, communicate with others, and create meaningful work. Yet, the environment has to be just right for all of this to happen, and that's where commercial room dividers come into play. Find out how to make the most of your space - and your sanity - with our selection of commercial room dividers for offices, conference rooms, classrooms, and more.

Commercial Room Divider Options

Office Dividers Offer Optimal Convenience

Three things to consider when looking for an appropriate office divider include: affordability, flexibility, and function. Office dividers add versatility to an office space, especially once you find the style, design, and price you have in mind – and we offer a span of options and prices sure to suit your preference.

Create a Custom Space with Conference Room Dividers

Mobility is a must for conference room dividers, and we've got a satisfying selection of dividers with locking casters to keep things moving right along. With options such as indoor/outdoor versatility, you can create a comfortable and accommodating conference space under the sky … or ceiling.

Classroom Room Dividers Make the Grade

Ace your classroom space with classroom room dividers. These dividers offer helpful features to meet the demanding needs of a classroom. Floor-standing sound-absorbent room dividers help block noise, tackable dividers are perfect for displaying superstar student work, and double-carrel tabletop dividers provide ideal study nooks.

  • Transforms a converted office space into smaller "rooms"
  • Creates discreet equipment storage areas
  • Expands an office meeting or conference space
  • Serves as visual barriers for makeshift classrooms, cubicles, break rooms, and more

If you're primarily looking for a visual barrier, a single-panel office room divider is a smart, cost-conscious choice. We offer a selection of one-panel dividers that are excellent for creating conference or presentation areas. You'll also find multi-panel or flexible designs to meet a broader range of needs.

Flexible dividers feature curved segments that can take on a variety of shapes or configurations. Some of our panel designs also offer 360-degree rotation for greater customization.

Dividing an office space or a gymnasium is a cinch with our selection of room divider sizes. Many of our larger panel counts have wheels to help expand them and tuck them away when not in use. If you need large office dividers, we carry designs that are as wide as 25 feet. Available height ranges vary, but some commercial room dividers can be as high as 90 inches.


Accordion-style room dividers can adjust to different shapes, as each panel is hinged and can create a 90-degree angle. Although adaptable, the accordion style may not always divide a space with one continuous, straight wall - depending on the size of the room divider and your room.

However, telescope-style room dividers will create a continuous, straight wall, allowing each panel to "telescope" out from one another, so that the straight wall created ends up at the exact length you desire

Adjustable shape:

The folds and hinges of the accordion style allow you to bend or curve the divider to make cubicles or custom-shaped spaces; great for quickly adding office spaces or concealing clutter.

Adjustable width:

Telescope-style panels expand out to the exact width you want, creating one continuous, straight wall; ideal for dividing a large space, such as a conference room or gymnasium.

Whiteboard surface:

These room dividers have a whiteboard surface on one or both sides that serves as a reusable writing surface with dry-erase markers.

Hook-and-loop surface:

This style of room divider has a hook-and-loop material surface on one or both sides, used for hanging materials with a Velcro® hook-and-loop system.

Sound control:

This style of room divider has a special interior material and sound-absorbing fabric exterior to help with sound control. However, no room divider will be a complete noise barrier.

Tackboard surface:

These have special interior materials and a fabric exterior that will hold items pinned up with stick pins or tacks.


Room dividers that are portable can be smaller in size and weight for ease of use with presentations or seminars, or can be mobile with wheels for ease in maneuvering.


Shorter styles of room dividers meant for use on a table or flat surface higher than the floor are most often used for privacy. Some have tackable surfaces that are used for presentations, and some have holes for cord management, making them compatible with computers or other electronic devices.