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Dog Bed Buying Guide

Dog beds can maximize your pup's comfort without compromising your home's style. Read our guide to find the perfect match for you, your home, and your favorite four-legged friend.

Pairing the Proper Bed With Your Dog

There are many things to consider when looking for the right bed for your pet, but none more important than the pet that's going to use it. Your pet's size, weight, age, activity, and health are all factors you should consider when looking for the right bed.

The size and weight of your pet can determine the type of bed he or she needs. The bed itself should be large enough to allow a comfortable position and proper support even when your pet is stretched out. Your pet's age can be a factor when determining the accessibility of the pet bed and the benefits of an orthopedic pet bed. Thicker beds offer more support and comfort for older pets.

Popular Types of Dog Beds

Pillow Styles

These beds offer easy accessibility with a simple design. They can be filled with cotton, polyester, or foam inserts that range from firm to plush. Pillow dog beds are easy to place in any part of a home, may be moved easily, and may also be used as a comfortable accessory in kennels or dog houses. Standard pillow beds offer no customized or orthopedic support, but are ideal for daily lounging.

Bolster and Donut Styles

With soft-walled sides on all or some sides, these cozy dog beds offer a feeling of comfort and security. The shallow cushions that surrounds the bed makes the dog feel cradled in its own enclosure, offering a sense of comfortable and familiar territory. These beds typically offer a foam or poly core that provides warmth, comfort, and even support. Covered beds offer additional warmth while giving your pet a snug and secure place to hide.

Mats and Pads

Mats and pads are an extremely low-profile option or your dog. They're ideal for small dogs or older dogs who may have trouble climbing into something fluffier or taller. Dog mats and pads are like extra cushy rugs so they won't take up much room in your home. Cleaning them can be as easy and running a vacuum over them and they're easy to hid away when company comes.

Orthopedic Beds

Orthopedic beds are designed for dogs that may have issues with age, arthritis, or hip dysplasia. These types of beds feature orthopedic foam that conforms to your pet's body, offering additional support. Orthopedic beds are also ideal for active pets such as service dogs, as well as for older dogs or animals recovering from an accident or medical procedure.

Outdoor Styles

One type is a dog cot and these beds provide off-the-floor comfort. These types of beds are great for the outdoors as they can provide a cooling comfort on warm days when pavement can get too hot for paws and exposed skin. Beds are usually made of a breathable mesh-like nylon that offers plenty of airflow. These beds are also ideal for wet areas because they'll dry quickly by the pool or sprinkler. Some dog cots even offer canopies to keep your dog out of the sun. Another type of outdoor dog bed is the heated pad. Sort of like an electric blanket for your dog, these are great in the dog house during the winter months.

Materials and Make-Up

Considering the material of your dog bed can be important when determining the needs of your pet and the factors of cleaning, care, and durability. Covers should offer easy removal and be easy to clean. Smooth poly or cotton blend materials can be a blessing if your dog tends to shed excessively. Pets with shorter hair may appreciate a soft fleece cover that offers more warmth.

There is a wide variety of options for internal padding. Some include egg crate foam, memory foam, poly fill, and foam beading. Choose a padding that matches the need of your pet. Heavier animals will need a thicker padding with more support, where smaller pets may only require minimal padding. Heated bed inserts provide additional warmth in winter or when needed for recovery.

Make a Fashion Statement

Style is also an important factor to consider as a dog bed will become an integral part of your home decor. Fun colors, stylish patterns, and charming designs can make a dog bed a welcome part of any interior design. Dog bed style options also offer a way for owners to show off their pet's unique personality.

Dog Bed Design

Manufacturers have started to see the need for making it easier to integrate dog beds into your home's decor. Just like human furniture, dog beds come in an unlimited array of designs. You can now find beds that are miniature versions of furniture you might buy for yourself. Find chaise lounges, poster beds, couches, and more, all scaled to your pooch. Other beds offer novelty designs such as giant shoes, hammocks, or plush animal toys.

Styles range from ultra-modern to vintage doggie-chic. Design usually dictates price, so find a bed that fits your budget and your style while still offering the support and comfort your pet needs.

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