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Assembled vs. Unassembled Dollhouses

Nearly every dollhouse — toy or collectable — will require some assembly. How much assembly is required will depend on the size of the house and the complexity of the design. To keep shipping costs lower for you, most dollhouses are shipped broken down into manageable, flat pieces. This also prevents delicate decorative details or corners from being damaged in shipping.

Toy Dollhouse Assembly

Large dollhouses suited for fashion dolls like Barbie or larger 18-inch dolls will be shipped in separate panels. This is usually done by floor and by each exterior panel. Assembly is relatively easy and quick. Smaller plastic dollhouses will likely ship assembled and ready for play.

Collector Dollhouse Kit Assembly

Collector dollhouses come in various stages of construction to suit all kinds of collector ambitions. Assembled dollhouse kits give you the quality of collector dollhouses but arrive ready for you to fill with furniture. These dollhouses come pre-painted.

Unassembled dollhouse kits can vary in stages of assembly and usually arrive unfinished so you can paint them yourselves. You will receive wall panels, windows, stairs, railings, shingles — everything you need to build the house from the "ground" up along with detailed instructions. Some components may be precut with precision details such as clapboard siding or decorative trims but you will be responsible for most of the house's construction. These kits can take anywhere from 8 to 40 hours to assemble.

Collector Doll House Kits


Cabin styles are a great choice for girls or boys who appreciate the rustic look of frontier homes or mountain cabins. Evoking play stories of the past, cabin dollhouses can be outfitted with homespun furnishings for an authentic finish. All of our cabin kits are 1-inch scale, and require 8-30 hours to assemble.


Sweet and charming, cottage dollhouse kits are our smallest homes. Perfectly sized for a favorite doll’s domicile, these cottages are generally 1-inch scale and require approximately 8-10 hours to assemble.


The grandest of all our dollhouse kits, these painted ladies stand as majestic as the real thing. With ornate details and plenty of rooms, these heirloom dollhouses are usually 1-inch scale or ½-inch scale. Some of the smaller houses may take as little as 14 hours to assemble, but for the larger houses, expect to spend 30 to 40 hours to complete.


Bring coastal tradition to life with a lighthouse kit. New England style lighthouses make an interesting alternative to a standard dollhouse, and small lightkeeper’s houses are a perfect accompaniment. Our lighthouse kits are available in 1-inch scale or ½-inch scale, and feature electrical wiring kits for a real, working beacon.


Farmhouse kits provide more space for your doll family, generally consisting of 3 floors of living space. Farmhouse kits are available in 1-inch scale or ½-inch scale, and require approximately 10-13 hours to assemble.

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Shop our wide selection for a miniature abode to call your own. In addition to traditional houses, you can find kits for a firehouse, a barn, a general store, and much more!

Dollhouse Sizes and Scales
Playscale 1:6 1 inch = 6 inches One foot is equivalent to six feet in the real world. This is the largest scale and is designed for 11.5-inch fashion dolls like Barbie. These houses can be up to 5-feet tall and 4.5-feet wide so make sure you've got the space.
1-inch scale 1:12 1 inch = 1 foot One inch equals one life-size foot. In other words, a 6-foot tall bookcase would be just 6-inches tall at this scale. The 1-inch scale is the most popular for miniatures and many collector dollhouse kits are sold in this size. You'll find the largest selection of furnishings and accessories at the 1-inch scale.
¾-inch scale 1:16 1 inch = 16 inches One inch is equivalent to one foot 4 inches. More common from the 1930s to 1950s, the ¾ scale is not quite so common today but has seen a revival by the Brinca Dada toy company through their modern doll house toys.
½-inch scale 1:24 1 inch = 2 feet Also known as half scale, this size in which one inch equals 24 life size inches, is popular for coordinating with other scaled hobby pieces. It's commonly found with "G" or garden scale railways and inexpensive figurines. Popular Playmobil toys and die cast car collectibles belong in this group.
¼-inch scale 1:48 1 inch = 4 feet Super tiny — one inch is equivalent to 4 feet —the ¼-inch scale is popular with hobbyists and toy train collectors. It aligns with "O" scale and is becoming more popular as laser and molded resin miniatures become more available.
Toy Doll House Styles
KidKraft Amelia Dollhouse Barbie-Size Dollhouses

America's most fashionable doll needs a house that's just as chic. Generally 3 or 4 stories in height, these houses range from ultra-modern to sweetly traditional styles. Most are fully furnished and require just a few simple assembly steps.

KidKraft Chelsea Dollhouse Furnished Toy Dollhouses

Available in all size ranges, furnished dollhouses are typically made of wood and give you the most bang for your buck. These houses are pre-decorated with floor and wall graphics and could include anywhere from 5 to 50 pieces of furniture and accessories.

Unfurnished Toy Dollhouses Unfurnished Toy Dollhouses

Prefer to do your own decorating? Unfurnished toy dollhouses arrive empty and ready to be filled with love. You'll choose your own furniture and accessories. Specific brands will typically have coordinating sets so you know you're getting the right scale.