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The Captain’s Chair: Choosing a Leader among Seats

Here's an interesting premise: if you're like a lot of hard-working professionals these days, you probably spend more time in your office chair than you do in your bed on any given day. Considering that, choosing the perfect seat suddenly becomes much more than a fleeting thought. There are a lot of aspects of the chair to consider--from lumbar and back support to materials such as leather and mesh to ergonomics and adjustable pieces, like armrests. Do you want an executive look, a task master, modern style, or maybe a kneeling alternative? Choosing the right fit for you and your work is an important decision, so we've made the process smooth and headache-free by explaining a few of the features you should consider when buying your next throne of productivity.

Lumbar Support and Ergonomic Design

Comfort is number one. Having a contoured backrest will provide your back with the support it needs during extended periods of sitting. A good lumbar back support should be flush against the small of your back, so when you are shopping, consider that important detail. Many office chairs have a seatback that can be lowered or raised to better fit to your back. There are dozens of ergonomic designs that are sculpted with a lumbar support curvature built into the back, so choose a style that is shaped to match the natural contour of your spine.


Another option for your office chair is armrests, which can help reduce wrist and hand pain when you're at a computer all day. Armrests help keep your arms at a 90-degree angle from your body and desk. Adjustable armrests are important to keep your arms positioned correctly. Plus, resting your elbows on the armrests will allow you to relax your shoulders and keep your wrists straight and off the end of the desk.

Height Adjustable and Titling

You'll want a chair that can be adjusted in height so that it matches your own dimensions. For the best comfort, you should be seated so that your thighs are horizontal to the floor. Look for the pneumatic adjustment lever, and while you're at it, consider a tilting option. It's nice to be able to tilt the seat backward and forward.

Seat Width and Depth

It might go without saying, but it's important enough that we want to mention it anyway so that it's not overlooked. When buying a chair for work, make sure it's wide enough and deep enough to fit you comfortably. There's no reason to be modest when it comes to the place where you will spend many hours a day. Long-term comfort should be priority one. So if you're tall, look for a deeper seat--and the opposite, a shallower seat, if you're not as vertically gifted.

Material and Upholstery

Make sure that the material of your chair, specifically its upholstery, is durable. You're going to be spending a lot of time with this new colleague of sorts, so make sure it will be lasting relationship. The type of material you choose has a lot to do with personal taste. Mesh upholstery is often a comfortable choice because it is soft and breathable. But you might want a more upscale look, and in that case, leather is always a classic choice. Leather upholstery is easy to clean, comfortable, and durable, too.

Swivels and Casters

Do you spin around and like the freedom to slide from one side of your desk to the other? Then be sure your new chair has wheels and can swivel right and left. Most office models feature these, but it's good to double check.

Now that you have determined the ideal attributes for your chair, find your match, sit back, and relax. Once you place your order, you can leave the work of shipping it to us!