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Unbelievely Fast Service!
By Clio from Groton, MA on 11/26/2015
Ordered a cutting mat and it showed up on my porch the next day...And they shipped it flat!
good quality!
By Lisa from Carlisle, PA on 11/23/2015
The quality of desk is excellent. The directions were easy to follow. The only problem was one of the sides was bent, which could have occurred when it being shipped. I am sure it left your warehouse in great shape. My husband was able to bend it back easily. Assembling the desk was sort of a romantic date night for my husband and me due to the ease of assembly and the time we spend assembling it together.(now I have to help assembly shelves in the barn this week since the desk went together so well :) Thanks for selling such a good quality product and providing excellent follow up service.
Martin Universal Premier Contour Stool
By Christal from CAPENEDDICK, ME on 11/18/2015
I love this stool, I use it in my sewing room and I'm always up and down sewing and pressing. It's perfect.
By Book from Ottumwa, IA on 11/18/2015
The students at our community college use these in class and they're durable and easy to transport.
Love this stool!
By Donna from Sturgis, Mi on 11/8/2015
This stool is so easy to assemble and it is such a good price too. Very comfortable and cute style.
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Work All the Angles

These work tables are not just for architects and engineers! While these careers certainly demand a professional drafting table, this style of desk is also ideal for artists, crafters, students, writers, and style mavens of all sorts. Take advantage of an attractive office look that provides an ample work surface with lots of features and options.

Adjustable worktops allow you to use a drafting table flat, like a regular desk, or angled for drawing or detail work. If you want to use the table for a variety of purposes, be sure that it is adjustable to a horizontal setting.

Also consider the height. Do you want to sit in a regular desk chair, or an elevated drafting stool? This will be a key factor in determining what model you choose.

Wood lends a vintage or antique feel, perfect for a rustic or traditional interior. Glass offers many advantages for visual projects with a clean and modern feel. A melamine surface with a metal frame is another popular choice for durability and affordability.

Many other options are available, including a split-top desk to accommodate a monitor or laptop, lower shelves to hold a CPU or supplies, and additional drawers and cubbies for drawing supplies. If you need some aspects of portability, look at folding models or tables with rolling casters.

Show Me the Light

Take your artwork to the next level with a light table or light box. From portable models to stationary desks, these light boxes illuminate the secrets of artists and designers. Enjoy the benefits of a professional set-up, with features like thick Plexiglas tops, powerful bulbs, and easy maneuverability for your projects.

Pull Up a Chair

Complete your set-up with a drafting chair or stool. Your seating choice goes hand-in-hand with the table, so make sure they are compatible heights, or for ease, choose a set that includes both. Many task chairs and stools have adjustable heights to help you find your perfect sweet spot.

Other considerations are backs and arms. Do you want a chair with a back, or are you going old-school with a backless stool? Similarly, do you want a chair or stool with arms for comfort while working? Lastly, what kind of materials matter to you? Do you want a cushioned and upholstered seat, or a molded plastic chair for easy cleaning?

Get the Edge with the Right Accessories

From swing arm lamps to straight rules, find the key pieces to finish your workspace here. Cutting mats provide protection for your desktop, a pencil ledge is crucial if you always keep your desk on an angle, and a variety of trays help you keep your area neat and organized.

File It Under “Awesome”

Take a modern approach to storage solutions for home office and beyond. While flat files are a professional necessity to accommodate architectural blueprints and plans, other forms of file storage find multiple uses around the home. Rolling files provide versatile storage in many rooms, hanging files can create a space-efficient solution, and portfolios and tube storage keep you ready to take your work on the go.

With so many options, peruse our selection and draft the ideal workspace to your own specifications.