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Drafting Table Buying Guide

Modern drafting tables boast a far greater variety of styles and features than in the past, and while that's great news for artists, architects, and engineers, it can also make the process of choosing a drafting table more difficult. If you're stumped as to which drafting table is best for you, our drafting table buying guide has a few suggestions that might help.

And Now, Our Feature Presentation The best thing about shopping for drafting tables is that there are no non-essential features. It's a purely functional device, and the design innovations present in contemporary drafting tables are there for a reason.

Foremost among these is the computer shelf. A CPU compatible drafting table is an essential complement to CAD, or computer aided drafting and design. CPU compatible drafting tables have a wider split top surface and CPU/keyboard shelves for easy, ergonomic access.

CAD aside, a split top drafting table can be a very convenient way to keep drafting supplies and tools on hand without disrupting your work space. Most split top tables still allow angle adjustment so you can raise or lower the drafting portion of the table.

Purchasing an adjustable height drafting table is a feature that should be easy for you to decide based on the nature of your work and the available workspace. Drafting table widths vary from 30 inches to as much as 84 inches. Keep in mind that a drafting table with surface tilt up to 90 degrees will require slightly more space than its table top area suggests.

Steel vs. wood might seem like a low-tech decision compared with the preceding features. However, material has a significant impact on design. The most advanced adjustable drafting tables are made of steel, but a wooden drafting table has its own traditional style appeal.

If you're still having difficulty finding a table you like, browse through our selection of light tables and light boxes to see if an altogether different design inspires your imagination.