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The best stuff ever
By Rosemary from ROCHESTER,NY on 9/13/2014
I never heard of hayneedle I bought a glass chess set and it looks like a a very expensive but it was very reasonable I got it in a few days ... I open it and it was the best I love it .. great place to shop...
Fantastic product
By Frank from ANDOVER,NJ on 8/4/2014
Great to keep in the car for any unexpected games, packs up relatively small but the board and peices are a good size and good quality
Chess Set
By Dennis from Omaha, NE on 7/26/2014
Absolutely love it. Well made and very convenient to take on trips.
Quality piece for show or play.
By Amy from Missouri on 7/24/2014
This chess set is outstanding. The quality and detail of the board and chessmen is amazing. The board is intricately detailed and heavy/sturdy. It conforms to prevent wobbling on uneven surfaces. Instructions recommend allowing it a few hours to conform when moved to a new surface. The chessmen are equally detailed and of high quality. They are very heavy. The chessmen are painted so I expect some chipping over time; however, I don't expect anything that a touch up wouldn't easily fix. My only slight disappointemnt is the glass playing field. The lines are painted and it just doesn't match the overall grandeur of the set. I'm thinking maybe I can take it to have it etched and maybe have something protective applied to it. This set makes a great show piece for sitting around in the home. I purchased this for my boyfriend and he loves it. The theme has a very Evil Dead/Army of Darkness feel to it. The set came very well packaged and there was nearly no damaged. Just one tiny chip on the tip of one of the flames on the base. Not even noticeable unless you're looking. Nothing a dab of paint wouldn't solve.I would definitely recommend this to friends. Definitely worth the price.
It far exceeded my expectations !
By Richard from TAMPA,FL on 7/7/2014
Am very, very pleased with the entire set. Am very happy with the pieces, their weight & appearance. Thank you for the superior service.
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How to Play Chess

Want to know about a fascinating game of skill that takes minutes to learn and a lifetime to master? Do we have a game for you.

Learn how to play chess.

One of the world's most popular games of strategy around the world, chess can seem complicated and even boring at times. But anyone who's played will quickly tell you the game is both challenging, exhilarating and - addictive!

For the beginning chess player, we've put together a few basic rules below to prepare you to enter the fun and exciting world of chess.

How to Play Chess
To begin, the game is played by two players. It is played on a board of 64 alternating light and dark squares. Each player has 16 light or dark chess pieces which each move differently across the chess board.

Lined up on opposite ends of the board in two rows, the chess pieces face each other, ready for battle. Eight pawns stand in the front row and the other eight pieces line up behind them. In the back, the pieces stand in a specific order. Starting from the left there is a rook, knight, bishop, queen, king, bishop, knight, rook.

The game alternates between the two players, and each player is allowed to move one piece each turn. The object of the game is to pose a threat to your opponent's King. "Check" as it is referred to occurs when one of your pieces is in place to capture your opponent's King. If the King cannot escape your capture, then you have won the game with a "check-mate." Because check-mate can happen at any moment during the game, each time you play the game is different and unpredictable. Before beginning chess, it's important to understand how each piece is allowed to move across the chess board.

Although these are the weakest pieces, they provide vital protection for the King. Each pawn is only allowed to move one square forward during a given turn. To capture another piece however, it is allowed to move one square diagonally. One of the greatest advantages of the pawn is its ability to be traded for a previously captured piece. This happens if the pawn makes it to the opponent's end of the board.

The two rooks can move vertically or horizontally any number of spaces in one direction, as long as no other pieces block their path.

Knights move in an "L" shape. It does this by either moving two squares horizontally and one square vertically, or two squares vertically and one square horizontally. Unlike the rook, if there are pieces in the way it does not stop the knight from moving. Only final space of the "L" shape must be free for a knight to move there.

The two bishop can move any number of spaces diagonally, as long as there are no other pieces to block their path.

Surprisingly, the most important piece on the board is not the most powerful. The king requires constant protection. This piece is only allowed to move one square at a time in any direction. As soon as the king is trapped, the game is over.

Definitely the most powerful piece on the board, the queen can move any number of spaces in any direction she wants.

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