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Croquet Glossary

Croquet is a far more complex game than we often give it credit. Since it was first played in the mid-19th century, croquet rules have developed and adapted, and the croquet game has developed a language all its own. Following is a glossary of croquet terms:

American Croquet Rules: Six-wicket croquet most commonly played at the clubs operating under the United States Croquet Association in North America. (Association Croquet Rules is most commonly played outside of North America.)

Backyard Croquet: This version of the croquet game is the most popular, comprised of lightweight croquet sets, nine croquet wickets, and two stakes, and played on irregular surfaces; the course is a traditional double-diamond.

Break: With a break, you've scored more than one croquet wicket in one turn. With an all-around break, you've scored all the croquet wickets in one turn.

Continuation Stroke: The bonus stroke you earn for hitting the croquet ball through a croquet wicket.

Deadness: This is the ineligibility to earn bonus strokes when you've hit another ball with your croquet ball.

Croquet Hoop: A croquet wicket (see below). "Hoop" is typically used in Commonwealth countries.

Peg: The croquet stake (see below).

Pegged Out: This means you've finished the game, your balls having been hit into the finishing croquet stake.

Roquet: This stroke results in the croquet ball hitting another croquet ball, entitling the player to bonus strokes.

Rush Shot: In croquet, the croquet ball has been sent a significant distance in the targeted direction of play.

Six-Wicket Croquet: This is some serious croquet. This advanced form of the croquet game is for the accomplished sportsman or sportswoman, unlike the more informal backyard croquet, or nine-wicket croquet.

Croquet Stake: The peg in the middle of the six-wicket court or on either end of the nine-wicket court.

Croquet Wickets: The metal or wire pieces that form arches throughout the croquet course; points are made by hitting the croquet balls through them.