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Dart Board--Arachnid Inter Active 3000
By Matt from Omaha,NE on 3/12/2015
I bought the cabinet and love how it really protects the wall with lots of room. It is not heavy and sits well on my wall. Dart board was a good investment for me with not many bounce outs. I would recommend getting new darts, other than what they provide. Great purchase.
Well balanced and high quality
By Elliott from Wallingford,PA on 2/26/2015
These darts are very well balanced and high quality. The flights are somewhat of a disappointment and serious players will want to replace them
Snazzy looking and sturdy
By Elliott from Wallingford,PA on 2/26/2015
Very nice looking cabinet of high quality dart board mounts easily and attaches to wall without a problem. Make sure to use a stud. Only giving a four because there were a few nicks on the cabinet.
Perfect cabinet for dartboards
By John from KewGardens,NY on 2/21/2015
Works well with either bristle or electronic boards!!! Solid construction, professional presentation, good quality
Works Great with Soft Tips
By Sheister from Orlando, FL on 2/17/2015
Having the option of both steel tip and soft tip is great and will attract both types of players to your home for a lot of fun. Bounce outs are a common complaint with this board but I've found them no more common than on any other board. I suspect for the price point people expected less. But in all honesty, most of my bounce outs are from poor throws and with better technique, Ive almost eliminated them entirely! The sensitivity is amazing simply taping my finger on the board will register a throw and the talking is minimal and if you dont like it , then simply turn it off. Your board will remain silent but illuminated with constant score keeping. I played a few games even one against the computer and minus the smoke filled room and bartender thought I was at my favorite watering hole. I know my review is a bit on the too positive side and may sound like its from someone affiliated with the makers. But I assure you I'm not and for proof. Heres a pic of mine. Enjoy!
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