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Chair Style

The style of chair you choose depends largely on personal preference. After all, it’s your tush that will be glued to the seat for the entirety of the game (and perhaps even beyond). But outside personal choice and comfort, it’s also important to take into consideration what types of games you’re most likely to play and how often since those factors are also important to your choice. Comfort is key when it comes to choosing a gaming chair

Ace Bayou X-Rocker Vibe Video Game Chair with 2.1 Audio Chair Bluetooth and Arms - Black / Red
Ace Bayou X-Rocker Vibe Video Game Chair
  • Gaming Rockers – What’s better than kicking back and enjoying your favorite game? Reclining in a gaming rocker while you do it, of course. One part rocking chair and one part gaming control center, gaming rockers are the perfect choice for players who want to be comfortable while they kick butt. Gaming rockers are L-shaped, with the seat of the chair resting directly on the floor. The arch of the rocker lets you gently rock while sitting, or sit back and relax. Most importantly, gaming rockers let you sit as close to the screen, and therefore the action, as you’d like.
  • Pedestal Gaming Chairs – If you’re looking to sit a bit higher off the ground while you game and want some swivel in your life, a pedestal gaming chair is the obvious choice. Pedestal chairs are similar to traditional seating options and elevate a player off the floor, giving you have a straight shot at your screen and a clear view of what you’re playing. Pedestals also give you the option to tilt and swivel as needed.
  • Gaming Racing Chairs – If you really want to sit in the driver’s seat of your gaming experience, there’s no better way to do it than with a racing chair. Gaming racers come equipped with pedals and wheels to offer a realistic gaming experience, letting you steer what happens onscreen. Thanks to these hands-on driving tools, racing chairs are a perfect fit for driving games and flight simulations. Now you can replicate the driving experience without ever leaving your house – or even your gaming chair.
System Compatibility

Perhaps the most important thing to check when choosing a gaming chair is system compatibility. After all, it won’t matter how comfy your chair is if you can’t actually play your favorite games with it. The most common gaming systems are Xbox, PlayStation, and Wii, as well as computer games run through a PC or Mac, so make sure whatever gaming chair you choose will work with your console of choice.

Most gaming chairs come equipped with headrest speakers that let you turn your gaming chair into a surround-sound paradise so you can fully experience your gaming reality. These gaming chairs often include audio input and output ports which connect to your TV's HDMI cable input and allow you to hear the audio from a video game coming from speakers in the chair itself. This can greatly increase the impact such audio has on you while playing. Even though cord hookup is relatively simple, it’s best to look for a wireless device to prevent tripping hazards while playing – you don’t need a loose cord tripping you up in reality or in your game. Wireless audio and Bluetooth connectivity make it easy to run sound from your gaming system to your gaming chair’s built-in headrest speakers without worrying about all those pesky cords getting in the way. In addition to built-in speakers, some gaming chairs come complete with built-in subwoofers, which provide a multi-sensory experience.

Girl in V Rocker SE Wireless Black Game Chair
V Rocker SE Wireless Black Game Chair
Gaming Chair Features:

Once you’ve sorted out the key components, it’s time to have some fun with your chair. After all, isn’t that what gaming is all about? Trick out your gaming chair with the coolest features to ensure you’ll have the coolest ride (or seat) in town.

X Rocker II Wireless Video Game Chair Features
X Rocker II Wireless Video Gaming Chair Features
  • Material Matters – Gaming chairs come in a variety of materials including cloth, vinyl, mesh, and polyurethane. Your fabric choice is up to you and what you find most comfortable, but keep in mind that mesh and fabric typically breathe better, keeping you cooler, while vinyl and polyurethane gaming chairs are easier to wipe clean.
  • Storage – Some gaming chairs come complete with pockets on the side for storage, making it easy to keep controllers and other essentials within easy reach. Now you’ll never have to waste time hunting for misplaced controllers (or snacks) again.
  • Comfy Cushion – Chances are you’ll be spending quite a bit of time sitting in your gaming chair, so you want to make sure your butt is making itself at home on a comfortable surface. Choosing a gaming chair with a cushioned seat can help you avoid the dreaded “dumb-butt syndrome.” Just don’t blame us if your chair is so comfy you have trouble getting up.
  • Rest Those Weary Arms – If you’re opting for a chair with armrests, it’s important to choose one with armrests that are either adjustable for your comfort or in the proper position to begin with. Too high can cause your shoulders to hunch, while too low could hurt your posture. Flip-arm chairs are another option that give you the best of both words – armrests when you want them that can disappear with the flick of a wrist.
  • Space Savers – If you don’t want your chair taking up floor space when it’s not in use, opt for a chair that folds up for storage. This makes it easy to keep your chair out of the way when you’re not in gaming mode.
  • Good Vibrations – If you really want to feel like you’re in the game, look for a gaming chair with a vibrating feature. Similar to surround-sound experience you’ll gain from choosing a chair with wireless headrest speakers, a vibrating chair lets you feel every jolt and impact of the game you're playing. There’s no better way to put yourself in your character’s shoes and fully immerse yourself in the game.
Top-5 Video Game Chairs

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