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Gifts for the Best 4- to 5-Year-Olds on Your List

Watching your little ones outgrow their toddler years would be heartbreaking, if it wasn't so fun watching them grow into big kids. When your child turns four and five, their intellect, imagination, and physical involvement explode.

After all their hard work as toddlers learning how to use dexterous movements and all five senses to study the world around them, your big kids are no longer just learning by playing but are now even playing by learning. Easels, children's tables and chairs, puzzles, and globes give your little brainiac an outlet to explore important building blocks like shapes, letters, and numbers. The creative process of playing with these ideas makes the most of their unbounded imagination.

Imaginative play is so important for this age group because, although they've got the cognitive building blocks down, they're still fine tuning their understanding of social concepts like relationships and interactions. Baby dolls and furniture; playsets, playhouses, and play kitchens; and dollhouses all offer children an opportunity to place themselves in different roles and discover new perspectives.

Only by doing can children find out who they really are and what they're really interested in. And the gift ideas at have no shortage of "doing." Active toys like sleds, wagons, and riding toys put all that great childhood energy to good use, developing muscles and helping kids discover what their capable of. has the perfect gift to delight your little one, so you can enjoy watching them be the big kid they really are.