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From Wishing to Unwrapping … Shop Gifts for 6- to 7-Year-Olds

Everyone loves a good challenge, at least if they're older than five. Very young children don't have the motor or mental proficiency, let alone the patience and self-control, to compete, follow third-party directions, or see projects and games through to a complete conclusion. Your six- or seven-year-old, however, has developed that kind of maturity and is able to appreciate a good physical or intellectual challenge.

Help your child make the most of their newfound mastery of motion. Physical toys like the YBike Explorer Riding Toy, 6-Foot Canadian Toboggan, or classic Radio Flyer wagons encourage your child to get out in the world with you and take on longer treks.

After exploring basic concepts like shapes, colors, numbers, and letters in their earlier years, your child is now ready to create whole masterpieces. Easels, activity tables, globes, and a cavalcade of brain-teasing games give them a place to work on these forays into artistic, intellectual, and worldly pursuits.

Children this age, however, haven't yet mastered social relationships. That's why modeling play -particularly with playsets, doll houses, or play kitchens - is still so beneficial for this group, giving kids an avenue to safely assume different roles that allow them to explore interaction with others.

As you can imagine, all this challenge can be hard work, if also fun and rewarding. Bean bags, game chairs, and toy boxes offer your child a place to rest up and stow their stimulating games. Look to to find the perfect gift to engage your child.