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You Never Outgrow Fun … Shop for Kids 12 Years and Up

Where did it all go? Although it can be tough for parents to watch their kid's childhood slip away, a much better and much more fun question is, where are they headed now? As kids grow out of childish pursuits, they grow into activities that are more companionable with the adults in their lives, making them eager to reconnect with their friends and with you in all new ways.

Don't worry, this doesn't mean playing is now out of bounds. Game tables - like chess, foosball, air hockey, and shuffleboard - ignite a playful spirit of competition using both skill and wit. Sporting equipment like basketball hoops, soccer goals, trampolines, and bounce houses also capture their youthful energy and work their developing muscles; but don't be surprised if they can now beat you without you letting them. And big kids still love toys, too - sleds, scooters, radio controlled cars, and electronic games keep growing up from being too serious.

However, serious pursuits can be fun too, and gifts like globes, desks, telescopes, and rock tumblers provide an enjoyable outlet for their more studious endeavors. Another part of this serious streak is their blossoming social contacts and interactions. Bean bags and video game chairs give them the ability to host friends while jewelry armoires, jewelry boxes, and vanities give them some spaces to call their own.

Let help you find new connections with your growing children; after all, they aren't so different if you're all big kids at heart.