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Give your style a spin and sharpen your geography skills with the simple touch of a world globe. From elegant gemstone globes and stately floor globes to interactive educational globes with cutting-edge technology, you're sure to find just the one to make your space well-rounded in every way.


Add a bit of worldly charm to your desk with a stately desk globe. Our most diminutive styles, these globes range from 3 to 14 inches in height, with a diameter from 3 - 16 inches. There are a variety of features available for desk globes, including clock, paperweight, bookend, crystal or armillary styles.


Makes a fitting accent furniture piece for any room in the home or office. These detailed world globes are mounted on beautifully designed wooden or metal floor stands. With numerous height, diameter, and ocean color options available, you’ve got a world of options from which to choose.


Tabletop globes are larger than desk globes, but not as big as floor-standing models. They usually range from 13 to 21 inches tall, with a diameter of 9 to 14 inches. Many tabletop styles are available, including lluminated, compass, or interactive.

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We have hundreds of globes, giving you a world of choices when it comes to this cosmopolitan décor piece. Browse our entire selection here, or learn more about individual features below.

Sizing Chart
Globe-Mounting Styles

Has a full circle encompassing the entire sphere. Most of these styles use a gyro-matic system to allow you easy viewing with full dual-axis rotation.


Uses a semi-circle meridian allowing for full rotation along a single axis.


Allows for full rotation along one axis. The globe is mounted on a spire instead of a meridian.

Leg Mounting

Utilizes a full meridian, but only allows for single-axis rotation due to the legs and larger base. This mounting style is most common on floor and decorative desktop globe styles.

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