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What is a Hearth Rug?

Meant to protect the flooring around the fireplace or wood stove from errant sparks and soot, it adds warmth and color to the space, creating an inviting environment that is cozy and customized.


Hearth rugs are crafted from a variety of materials. Choosing the right look and feel for your home is an important consideration. There are three common features that ensure you’ll create the perfect environment for your well-appointed home.


Fiberglass offers the most comprehensive protection of any material, as it isn’t prone to burning or melting. Fiberglass is heat-resistant, often used for industrial purposes such as electrical insulation and fire blankets. Fiberglass rugs typically include a fire-retardant vinyl backing, ensuring that even if sparks land on it, it won’t burn or singe. This style is a true investment in quality and safety, providing years of lasting beauty and protection to the home you’ve worked so hard to make just right.


The strength and durability of wool has made it a traditionally popular choice in creating beautiful textiles. The unique natural properties of wool allow it to be used in some of the most intricate designs available. It holds color beautifully, creating a vibrant look that isn’t easily replicated with other materials. Wool is naturally non-flammable, making it an ideal choice for hearth rugs.


Nylon is a synthetic polymer popular in creating carpeting and clothing. Highly resistant to abrasion, crushing, and staining, the non-static features of nylon add a comfortable durability to your home. It’s less expensive than comparable natural materials and offers bold colors, gorgeous patterns, and a price that can easily fit into any budget.

Choosing the Right Hearth Pad

Make sure you keep your fireplace or wood stove safely away from flammable finishes with the addition of the right hearth pad. With a variety of sizes and styles, there’s no limit to what you can do. Typically crafted from tile or stone, the hearth pad ensures safety and comfort so you can operate your fireplace without worry. Trim options include aluminum, wood, or metal in an array of finishes. Corner hearth pads are ideal for corner stoves, and a hearth pad riser provides visual appeal as well as a handy place to add accessories. Extension hearth pads are available to increase the area for large spaces or oddly-shaped rooms.


Hearth rugs must meet Federal flammability standards, and may even need to follow guidelines set up by your local fire marshal. Check for compliance when choosing a rug, as a non-compliant variety could ignite not only itself, but surrounding furniture and textiles. The heat from a fireplace or wood stove can easily melt your rug, so make sure you’re protecting the home you’ve worked so hard to create.


Many fireplace accessories are available, adding to the enjoyment and beauty of your fireplace. Choosing the right ones to suit your style and usage will make your environment all the more exceptional.

  • The addition of a hearth candelabrum instantly transforms your fireplace into a charming designer piece. Change the candles with the seasons, varying the look of the space. An ideal replacement for gas logs or firewood, the hearth candelabra offers a more refined elegance.
  • Fireplace tools come in a variety of styles, from shiny brass to wrought iron. Whether your style is rustic or more refined, you’ll be able to find beautiful, convenient fire tools that suit your look perfectly.
  • Log racks are a handy organizational tool, and can easily change the personality of the room. Find the look that suits your style, and give a cozy appeal to your home.
  • Log baskets are available in a variety of styles and finishes – such as bronze, wrought iron, brass, and natural iron. You’re certain to find just the right basket to represent your look. Not as large as log racks, the efficient design is perfect for smaller spaces.
  • Fire starters allow you to get a warm, inviting fire in the safest way possible. Available in nuggets and scented wax, or the easiest option - long-burning oversize matches. Simply throw them into the fire and watch the glow radiate through the room.