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Best Trash Can in the World!!
By Richard from WestSeneca,NY on 3/19/2015
Once you have one of these you won't want anything else
Best Trash Can in the World!!
By Richard from WestSeneca,NY on 3/19/2015
excellent product
Seems OK so far, though noisy
By Mike R from Charlotte on 2/22/2015
Having seen other iTouchless models in action at friends' houses, I was eager to try out the retractable lid larger capacity model for myself. Overall size, fit and function is good so far (have had it a week), however it's surprisingly noisy and for whatever reason the door "clatters" closed, as if it doesn't realize it's reach the end of its travel track. A quick Internet search revealed other similar complaints and even a company response of that being how it's designed. Seems strange to me, but so long as it continues working properly, the noise is tolerable.
Rubbish Be Gone
By Of the Redwoods from Charleston, South Carolina on 1/18/2015
An amazing trash receptacle and adds a decorative touch to the kitchen. Hands free and quite close lid keeps the hubby happy as the kids deposit their garbage. Best decision we made regarding refuse materials.
trash can
By M Jane from New Port Richey,FL on 12/8/2014
This trash can is larger than I thought it was going to be so that made me happy right away. It looks really nice and seems to be fairly sturdy. I just thought it was a little pricey. And don't understand why trash cans cost so much. Hopefully it will hold up and stay nice looking.
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