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Hammocks of today are made so that the fiber and materials can take some dirt and exposure to "Mother Nature." Even so, it should be cleaned several times a year, this will ensure the fibers stay strong and the colors continue looking bold and beautiful. Cleaning these several times each season should be adequate to keep it looking great. Be sure to clean well before storing for any length of time.

Machine Washing

Models with non-removable spreader bars are not meant to be washed by machine. Those with removable spreader bars can be washed nicely in a washing machine. A commercial laundry machine may be your best bet due to the large size. The following steps will assist you when washing it in a washing machine:


1. Use the delicate cycle set on a cool water setting.

2. Use only mild detergent or shampoo; you may also add a handful of salt if you like. (Never add bleach. It will deteriorate the fibers and may fade and/ruin the colors.)

3. A commercial spot remover can be used on any tough stains. You will want to put this on before putting it in the machine.

4. Secure any loose strings. Fold it and tie it together into a bundle with a string. Then place it into a large pillow case. Close the top of the pillow case with large safety pins or string.

5. After it is washed, let it air dry. Do not machine dry.

Supply List
Large safety pins, sturdy strings, or shoe laces
Large pillow case or other breathable fabric case, if available
Commercial spot remover, if needed
Mild detergent or shampoo (some suggest adding a handful of salt)
Washing By Hand

If the hammock just needs spot cleaning, all you'll need is a commercial spot remover. Work the remover directly on the soiled spots.

Using A Tub Or Bucket

For styles with removable spreader bars, a large bucket or bath tub works best for this cleaning method.

1. Fill the tub or bucket with cool water. (Do not use hot water, it can cause the colors to bleed) and mild detergent. (Never use bleach.)

2. First, prepare it by securing any loose strings. Next, fold it and tie it together into a bundle with a string. If possible, place it into a large pillow case. Close up the top with large safety pins or additional string.

3. Place the bundle in the cool water and swish it around. Rinse with cool water until the water runs clean.

Supply List
Sponge and scrub brush
Large bucket or tub
Commercial spot remover, if needed
If using the hose down method, you'll need a garden hose and nozzle
Hose Method

For styles with non-removable spreader bars, a hose is the optimal method for cleaning:

Spread it onto a clean surface such as a patio, deck, or driveway. Hose it down with water. Use a sponge or scrub brush and soapy water to remove the dirt. Hose it down until the water runs clear. Turn over the bed and repeat.


Always air-dry your hammock. Do not machine dry.

1. While wet, lift from the bed or keep in a bundle. Lifting by the ends may cause the ropes to stretch from the weight of the water, and loose its shape.

2. Lay it flat and press out excess water. Or you may choose to place it back on its stand in direct sunlight. Then allow it to completely dry before sitting in or storing it. It is possible that it may take a few days to dry completely.