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The Best Coffee Makers For Home & Office

So how do you like your coffee? That's usually a question of cream and sugar, but around here it's all about the coffee maker. There's more than one way to brew a cup, and each machine offers its own particular taste, features, and benefits. To help get you started, here's a brief guide to the most popular types of coffee makers at

Customize taste with single cups and pods

Single-cup brewing costs more on a per-cup basis, but for many coffee lovers, the advantages outweigh the expense (and there's never a waste of stale coffee). Cups and pods come in a huge range of blends and specialty drinks. If you love to experiment with coffee, or your family or coworkers have vastly different flavor preferences, a single-cup coffee maker is a great investment. Most single brewers are also small enough to fit in a personal office, dorm, or bedroom. Just make sure that the machine you buy is compatible with your favorite cups or pods. Keurig coffee makers and K-Cups are perennial best sellers.

Drip, sip, aahhhhh

The drip coffee maker is the standard machine that most people are familiar with - put ground coffee in a filter, hot water passes through into a carafe, caffeine addicts drift back to their cubicles. If you're buying for an office or some other public setting, this is probably where you should start. Drip machines are affordable, fast, and convenient. Most can brew 12 cups in mere minutes. We'd strongly recommend a fully automatic programmable machine. With 24-hour programmability, you can have coffee hot and ready when you enter the office or wander sleepily into the kitchen.

Consider these useful features:

  • A double-wall thermal carafe will keep coffee hotter longer
  • Some programmable Cuisinart coffee makers let you brew one to four cups at a time instead of a full pot
  • A grind and brew machine automatically grinds whole beans just before brewing, creating fresher-tasting more aromatic coffee

It's French, of course

Connoisseurs don't mind a little less convenience. It's often the cost of superior results. That's certainly the case with French press coffee makers, an ideal choice for coarsely ground coffee (and also loose leaf tea). These machines are heated directly on a stovetop, with coffee brewed in the water. This direct, unfiltered contact produces a much stronger taste. Once the right temperature is reached, push down the plunger and pour - voila, delicious coffee. What's more, the artistic design of French presses makes a striking addition to any kitchen.