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Espresso Machine Types
Manual Espresso Machines Manual
  • User must grind, measure, & tamp espresso by hand
  • User must operate a manual lever to push water through
  • Typically not as easy to clean
  • Often less expensive than automatic machines
The most basic type, requiring the user to perform every step of the process.
Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines Semi-Automatic
  • User manually fills portafilter with espresso
  • User controls of amount of water used
  • Machine forces water through
  • User turns water on and off
Semi-Automatic machines require a basic knowledge of how long it should run to pull a good shot.
Super-Automatic Espresso Machines Super-Automatic
  • Machine does every step for you
  • Machine grinds, measures, & tamps the coffee
  • Machine pumps correct amount of water
  • More expensive than the alternatives
Completely automated, all you have to do is flip a switch to get a perfect shot of espresso every time.
Automatic Shut-Off
Automatic Shut-Off
Grind & Brew
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