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Home Brewing

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About Home Brewing

The craft beer revolution is no longer a small movement. Bubbling up from underneath giant American domestic brewers to bring authenticity and flavor back to the lives of beer-drinkers everywhere, it's turned IPA, hefeweisen, and trippel into household terms. Good beer has an infinite number of flavors in an infinite number of variations, so enthusiasts naturally drift toward home brewing to bring their hobby as close to their tastebuds as possible. Brewing beer can be incredibly complicated and minute, but it can also be easy! We're proud to provide kits and equipment for home brewers on each end of the experience spectrum, knowing that all that really matters is beer.

Home Brewing Kits

Intimidated by the DIY chemistry of making your own beer? Try a kit! All-inclusive brewing kits by popular manufacturers come with everything you need to brew your first batch. If you're going this route (or giving it as a gift *hint, hint*), you'll get equipment, clear instructions, cleaning supplies, and ingredients. Most kit-makers like Craft-A-Brew and Mr. Beer also create tons of incredible ingredient kits to take the guesswork out of how to make certain styles of liquid gold. You'll find recipe kits styled to replicate popular beers and ones designed to introduce you to a whole new style.

Home Brewing Supplies

Ready to go it alone? Home brewing supplies aren't all that different than regular cooking supplies, but they have a ton of custom refinements. When brewing your own beer, the worst thing that can happen is contamination, so brewing supplies are predominantly made of stainless steel. It's easy to maintain, easy to clean, and is well-suited for the precise temperature control needed when you boil your wort. You'll find stockpots with specialized indentation and screens, burners for temperature regulation, and more. When you're ready to start brewing beer truly from scratch, we're ready to help.

Beer is Good

It's true. Cheers!