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Narrow blades with sharp points remove bones from meat, fish, and poultry.
A long, serrated blade cuts crumb-less bread slices, cake, and watermelon.
A flexible or rigid blade has a round or pointed tip to slice meat, poultry, and ham.
A long handle and double prongs hold roasts, ham, and turkey in place while carving.
Try spade-style for parmesan cheese, spatula-shaped for soft cheese, and more shapes.
A workhorse of the kitchen, these all-purpose knives chop, slice, and mince food.
With a strong, rectangular blade, these knives can chop meat and cut through bones.
The long, thin, flexible blade removes bones and skin from fish for easy filleting.
Blades are long, thin, and sharp to slice and dice fruits, veggies, fish, and meat.
Snip herbs, trim dough, cut parchment paper or kitchen twine, and butterfly chicken.
With short blades, these versatile knives peel, trim, and core fruits and veggies.
Oval indentations on the blade help produce clean, even cuts and minimize sticking.
Pie pan knives, mezzalunas, and other knives help you do all sorts of kitchen tasks.
Often serrated to stay sharp, these knives make clean, quick cuts through tough food.
Small and lightweight, these multipurpose knives peel, cut, dice, and slice.
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