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You can take your time making dinner and quite possibly take back some of that time with the convenience of our slow cookers, rotisseries, and roaster ovens. Fast cooking never tastes as satisfying as you'd like - and watch out when chopping those veggies! Eating fast food isn't exactly your healthiest or tastiest bet, either. A good slow cooker or crock pot lets you gently create meals at low temperatures that don't burn or scald your ingredients, while automatic timers and temperature controls let you walk away knowing you'll have dinner hot and ready on time. Or, if you have the perfect stew or soup creation in mind, now you'll have the means to make it! All the brand names that you trust are already here, like Hamilton Beach, Calphalon, and Cuisinart. You know it's a party when all the big names show up!

Mouth Watering Bliss

A rotisserie may seem like too much work, but have you considered the amount of work you're doing because you don't have one? Perfect for any larger cuts of poultry, ham, roasts, fish, and more, rotisseries offer even heating and slow rotation to cook off unnecessary fats and oils. Rotisseries are easier to operate and clean than you may think, so start clearing out some room in your cupboard and your recipe book.

Practical Solutions

Hiring caterers is expensive, and you're certainly talented enough to wrap bacon around your own water chestnuts. Mini-cookers and roaster ovens offer an easy and practical solution when you've got hungry guests. A single mini-cooker is the ideal place for your famous spinach-artichoke dip, but a double or triple mini-cooker can let you set up your own buffet of lil' smokies or Mom's queso recipe. Many roasters include removable insert pans, turning the roaster into your own private steam table. (It's up to you to provide the sneeze guard!)

The Cleanup

Thanks to ceramic inserts and non-stick finishes, you'll find that most of our slow cookers, roasters, and rotisseries are easy to clean. The low temperatures also prevent the kinds of situations where you say, "we'll let it soak," but what you mean is, "I can't emotionally deal with this today. Maybe I'll have the strength tomorrow." Spray it off, throw it in the dishwasher, and get on with your life. What's not to love about that?

The benefits of slow cookers is what we're about, but a smorgasbord of selection and quick shipping is what we tout.

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