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Table Lamp Ideas

1. When selecting a table lamp for accent or ambience, know that size and height can vary. When used for reading, it should be positioned so the light is cast from over the readers shoulder and onto the pages.

2. Table lamp size is usually determined by table size and should be proportioned to the room's size; very small or extremely large lamps might appear awkward and out of place. When selecting a substantial table lamp, the shade should never measure larger than the table on which it rests.

3. Most of these lamps require a 60-watt bulb, but the proper lighting for reading is 100 watts. Some lamps have two or three independent sockets or lamps that use three-way lighting which are versatile enough to offer general room illumination as well as adequate light for reading.

4. In high-traffic areas where children are at play they can be easily knocked over if the lamp base does not have substantial weight. Select wide-based and weighted-based lamps that stand sturdily and avoid placing overbearing shades on scanty bases.

5. Use of multiple table lamps in a room eliminates dark areas and shadows, and low light is perfect for setting moods and entertaining. Make sure table lamps are arranged so that seated guests do not have to reposition themselves to avoid looking directly into the light.

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