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Spectacular deck accent
By Stacey from CrealSprings, IL on 7/17/2015
I put these lanterns on my deck,they provide wonderful illumination.
Pretty Lantern
By Hao-Ming from Arlington, MA on 7/10/2015
Before I bought this, I was looking for lantern that holds real candles. I am glad I purchased this instead. It is well designed and looks very pretty. It's not made by metal, but it surely looks like made by metal. I will highly recommend this product.
Exceent Replacement for 15 yr old lights
By Frederick from Minneapolis, MN on 7/9/2015
Installed effortlessly and worked first night
Best Ever
By Angela from OMAHA, NE on 7/3/2015
They are BRIGHT! Over the years we have gone thru many landscape solar lights but these are worth the money.
Quite Beautiful Solar Light
By Bruce from Zirconia, NC on 6/28/2015
Although it took 3 attempts to get a satisfactory product, my 2 solar lamp posts are simply stunning. I am very impressed with the amount of light broadcast. Hopefully the water resistance issue has been resolved.
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Efficient Ambiance

Hit the market in support of environmentally conscious living. LED solar garden lights are accessible and user-friendly. The majority of solar lights require little more assembly than battery installation. Simply place them in a choice sunny location and wait for sunset.

For the more discerning consumer, read about their solar functionality.

A small solar panel on the lamp collects light energy from the sun and uses it to charge an internal battery. A device called a photoresistor activates the battery when little or no light is detected. The battery powers an LED bulb to emit glowing light. When placed in direct sunlight, these lamps can provide eight to ten hours of light at night.

Now that you've got the low-down on their usability, discover the various styles of solar garden lights.

For a natural effect we suggest lights with a rugged, rock-like exterior. Elegant path lights are a classic choice for outdoor walkways or driveways. Hanging lanterns offer embellishment for trees, patios, and tabletops. Whatever your style, solar lights will keep your energy bill in check, as well as your environmental footprint.