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Great lighting/Nice addition to yard!
By Denise from Pittsburgh, PA on 5/17/2015
These lights added the right touch to the evening glow! Easy to install. One of the stakes broke while installing but the other seven are fine. Have asked for the one stake to be replaced. I recommend! Love the solar use!
Nice Lamp 4 Stars
By Derrick from SaintJohns,FL on 5/16/2015
I like the lamp. Purchased one lamp in April and a second in May. The light output is fair but could be a little brighter. The output color of the light is not bright white or day-light, which I would prefer, the color is white with a slight yellow tint. My main pleasure is light stays on from 7:00pm to 6:30am @ dawn. If the light output was Bright-White I would give it a 5-Star. 'Maybe the yellow tint will deter bugs?'
Good driveway lamp
By Brian from PLATTSBURGH,NY on 5/15/2015
I had purchased another brand solar light for my driveway, but it never worked. I thought I would try once more and this one is a keeper. Worked right out of the box and has just the right amount of light on the low setting. Highly recommended.
By Barbara from GRANADAHILLS,CA on 5/8/2015
We love our new solar garden globe. It fits right in with our solar lights on all the container plants that surround it.
By Joseph from MossPoint,MS on 5/6/2015
Remember you need at least a 6 inch flat surface to put this on, I attached mine to a 2/8/8 and than attached to the 4x4 gate post, No problem, They work great however unless they get full sun mine lasts until about 4 am in the morning, Had to cut some limbs to get more sunlight which helps greatly, I would recommend this to all as it is attractive and works well,
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Efficient Ambiance

Hit the market in support of environmentally conscious living. LED solar garden lights are accessible and user-friendly. The majority of solar lights require little more assembly than battery installation. Simply place them in a choice sunny location and wait for sunset.

For the more discerning consumer, read about their solar functionality.

A small solar panel on the lamp collects light energy from the sun and uses it to charge an internal battery. A device called a photoresistor activates the battery when little or no light is detected. The battery powers an LED bulb to emit glowing light. When placed in direct sunlight, these lamps can provide eight to ten hours of light at night.

Now that you've got the low-down on their usability, discover the various styles of solar garden lights.

For a natural effect we suggest lights with a rugged, rock-like exterior. Elegant path lights are a classic choice for outdoor walkways or driveways. Hanging lanterns offer embellishment for trees, patios, and tabletops. Whatever your style, solar lights will keep your energy bill in check, as well as your environmental footprint.