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On-trend Mirror Decorating Tips

In art and folklore, mirrors often symbolize a portal between two worlds. It’s no surprise, then, that many of today’s hottest mirror decorating trends involve contrasts and unified opposites:

Try Old World for a New Look

Antique style is a great place to start if you’re looking for a distinctive mirror that’s both on-trend and timeless. Consider these shapes and styles for traditional inspiration.


Until about the 1600s, mirrors were too expensive to appear as common household decorations. But in the 16th and 17th centuries, the carefully guarded glasswork skills of Italian artisans produced some of the most ornate mirrors of the era, including round (aka "bulls-eye") girandole mirrors and intricate Murano glass. Venetian wall mirrors are distinguished by an ornate crown, hand-etched borders, and gold and silver accents.


Arches are everywhere in architectural history, from ancient Roman aqueducts to the stained glass windows of medieval cathedrals. The historical richness of this iconic form gives arch mirrors a powerful presence in home interiors. Use these pointed or rounded mirrors as faux windows, to create visual symmetry, or to give soaring emphasis to a room’s high ceilings.


If you’re looking for a standout statement piece, start here. There are three main floor mirror types.

The Basics of Bevels

Frameless wall mirrors remain the most popular choice for contemporary interiors and bathrooms, but frameless needn’t mean boring. For something different that’s not too dramatic, try bevels.

These angled edges add personality and life to functional mirrors, and a versatile style that won’t clash with other furnishings.

“Frames limit where the item can be used,” says Daniel Kalina of Décor Wonderland, whose beveled mirrors are Hayneedle customer favorites.

But with bevels, you get an up-to-date style that could also survive a bathroom redesign. One thing to keep in mind: wider bevels are more visually dramatic, but they’re also costlier to produce.

Additional Mirror Trends & Tips

Lighter and warmer woods such as oak, walnut, and cherry are on-trend for contemporary frames.

Blue/turquoise and combinations of black and white are this season’s on-trend mirror colors.

Molded polyurethane, resin, and acrylic frames offer the beauty and longevity of metal or wood, and often at a lower cost.

Don’t forget about kids’ mirrors: discover wall and floor-standing designs for dress-up and daily dressing.