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Moccasin Buying Tips and Brand Guide

If you're looking for the perfect pair of moccasins but can't decide on style, size, or material, take a look at this guide for a little insight on some of your choices.

Which Type of Moccasin is Right for Me?

Ankle-High Moccasins

The ankle high-style of moccasin is also frequently called a "High-Top" moccasin, just like a high-top sneaker. The top of the moccasin rests just at or above the ankle, covering your whole foot, but leaving your calf and leg exposed. Typically, these moccasins are lace-up or zippered for easy access into the shoe.

Driving Moccasins

A popular trend in the 1920s, the driving moccasin is coming back with a trendy vengeance today. An extremely easy moccasin to slip on and off, they come in a wide variety of styles and colors, and can be worn with suits, jeans, linen pants, and even shorts and capri pants. Originally made for driving, they feature a sole with good traction, plush padding and are intended to keep feet comfortable in any situation and season.

Childrens Moccasins

You'll find childrens moccasins on the feet of many a Hollywood baby and toddler, and becoming more frequent, on the tootsies of little babies too. They're incredibly easy for moms and dads to maneuver, and very comfy for baby. These moccasins are intended to keep a child's feet warm and cozy, and being made of leather, they're designed to last through lots of baby wear and tear.

Moccasin Boots

You'll see these beautiful moccasins on the feet of the hip, trendy and comfort loving. From fashion-forward boots with layered fringe to cozy boots with wool lining, moccasin boots are both on trend and practical. Moccasin boots are available in a range of heights from ankle booties to mid-calf and knee-high boots.

Slipper Moccasins

Unlike most other moccasins, slipper moccasins are designed for indoor use only. They usually don't have the traction or construction necessary for them to hold up well during outdoor use, but they sure are comfy indoors. Usually lined with a plush fur or faux-fur lining, they're easy to slip on and off and are meant to keep feet warm and toasty.

Moccasin Sizing

Moccasins were created many years ago by our ancestors. Today, the moccasin is making a huge come back. People are enjoying the comfort and many unique styles this footwear offers. Moccasins are easy to wear and easy to fit because most styles are sized just like shoes.

Ideal Fit

An ideal moccasin fit should be comfortably snug. So when deciding on which size to buy, remember, the moccasin leather will stretch a bit with wear, so if it is not snug enough in the beginning, it will become too loose. If you need help choosing the right size, click on the the size guides listed below.

Extended Sizes

Hard to fit wide feet can be accommodated easily with moccasins. The unique characteristics of the soft leathers will stretch to accommodate wide feet. Many of the most popular moccasins have extended extra large sizes. Men's sizes extend to size 14, 15 and 16. Women's sizes extend to size 11.

Moccasin Materials & Care

Choosing the right material for your moccasins is key to your comfort. Suede, leather, and sheepskin are the primary choices in moccasin materials. Knowing how to properly care for your moccasins will help keep them both comfortable and clean, which means your favorite moccasins will be hugging your feet for years to come.


Suede moccasins provide comfort and casual sophistication whether you're wearing them around the house or on a Saturday morning jaunt to the grocery store. Because suede is manufactured from the less-prized interior split of a leather hide, suede moccasins won't be as expensive as full-grain leather moccasins. Suede moccasins can be worn year round, but you should avoid wearing them outside during damp or rainy weather.

If your suede moccasins have been waterproofed, any spill should be treatable with a quick application of a damp towel. For more thorough treatment, purchase a suede cleaning kit. Such kits should contain a suede eraser and small stiff brush. Use the eraser on the stain and then apply the brush.

If your suede moccasins have not been waterproofed and they get wet, remove the moisture with a clean towel. Do not use a blow dryer or heater. Once dry, restore the nap with a suede brush. A nail file or suede brush is effective in removing mud or scuff marks, as is the gentle application of softly textured sandpaper.


Because leather becomes more comfortable as it ages it's a natural for moccasins. As your leather moccasins mature, they will soften and conform to your feet providing the most natural fit possible. Listed below is a description of the various types of moccasin leathers to choose from:

  • Cowhide. Cowhide is the most commonly used leather for making moccasins. Cowhide is a full grain leather that has been treated with various tanning processes.Glass backboards are generally accepted as the best and are what you'll find on NBA courts. But the best comes at a cost, and glass backboards are also the most expensive. It's also important to note that while glass offers the best rebound, these are the most fragile backboards and easiest to break.
  • Moose Hide. The soft, buttery feel of moose hide moccasins makes them a huge seller. Any scars or scratches on your moccasins are natural characteristics of the wild moose and attest to the genuineness of the leather. Deerskin. Deerskin leather is also known for its softness and provides the ultimate in comfort. You'll see natural scars and scratches on deerskin leather moccasins too.
  • Deerskin. Deerskin leather is also known for its softness and provides the ultimate in comfort. You'll see natural scars and scratches on deerskin leather moccasins too.

To make sure your leather moccasins last, remember to use proper cleaning techniques. Leather moccasins made from cowhide, moose hide or deerskin should only be cleaned or treated with products made specifically for leather shoes. A leather shoe cleaner can be used for removing dirt. After they're cleaned, let your leather moccasins sit for a few minutes and then shine them with a soft cotton cloth.

If you want your leather moccasins to age well, treat them regularly with a quality leather shoe conditioner to prevent the leather from drying or cracking. Your leather moccasins will absorb a natural conditioner easier than a synthetic one, and this will help keep your leather moccasins soft and properly moisturized.


The unique combination of leather skin and wool fur is what gives sheepskin its appeal. Sheepskin and moccasins are a fashionable combination, providing warmth, comfort, strength, and beauty for your feet. Sheepskin moccasins are frequently designed in a rural or outdoor boot style, and may feature a wool cuff that you can roll up or down for extra warmth and style.

Clean the outer portion of your sheepskin moccasins with a soft, damp cloth. A suede eraser can be used to treat scuff marks or dirt. You should also considering applying a water repellent and/or stain guard to the outer surface of your sheepskin moccasins. If your sheepskin moccasins need to be washed, do so by hand using lukewarm water and a non-enzyme liquid soap designed specifically for leather products. Let the moccasins dry naturally after washing, though you can use a towel to soak up excess moisture.

Favorite Moccasin Brands

You can make a style statement and still be comfortable in moccasins! Moccasins are great for any occasion. Slip them on to pad around the house or to go out and grab a newspaper and a latte on Saturday morning. Here are some of the best sellers at

The Classics

The classic moccasin from Hush Puppies is made with genuine sheepskin and accented with moose hide. The sheepskin keeps your feet cozy and warm and the indoor/outdoor Trakker outsole has a textured bottom for traction. Hush Puppies moccasins will also provide added support with a slightly higher sidewall than most.

Natural Comfort

Old Friend footwear is ideal for kicking back year round. Lined exclusively with Australian Sheepskin, Old Friend boots keep your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Along with natural comfort, Old Friend gives you old world construction with room for your toes and sturdy sides.

The Old Friend boot collection is a favorite here at The Low Boot has a beautiful chestnut upper, soft interior lining and a thick rubber bottom sole. The Old Friend Hi-Lo Boot is a trend setter with its eye-catching top V-flap fold over style that is all the rage.

Exotic Leathers

Minnetonka uses many leathers that add a variety of looks to their appealing styles. Standard leather moccasins like cowhide and suede are joined by more exotic leathers such as moose, deerskin and buffalo. No matter which leather you choose the complete line of men's and women's Minnetonka Moccasins are all stylish and comfortable.

Clogs and Cuffs

Durable and soft, US Sheepskin moccasins give you warmth and comfort in a variety of styles. The US Sheepskin Clog lets you slide your foot in and out with ease. The US Sheepskin Cuff Slippers are also open backed. Both styles have a durable composite foam sole making them a great indoor and outdoor moccasin.

A Classic Twist

The men's classic moccasin style from Woolrich looks more like a shoe than a slipper. Made with luxuriously soft deerskin leather and lined with a plush layer of acrylic pile, this moccasin will wrap your foot in comfort.

Footwear by Footskins

From skilled craftsmen of the Minnesota Mississippi River Valley come some of the finest moccasins you'll ever own. The Footskins company offers high-quality, handmade deerskin and cowhide leather moccasins, slippers, and boots. Each pair of Footskins' Footwear moccasins is meticulously crafted, and many feature genuine lambskin lining. People have come to rely on Footskins for sure-bet gifts for loved ones, because they know about Footskins' commitment to quality and craftsmenship.