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A New Approach

Style in simplicity is a modernist’s mantra. Clean silhouettes coupled with new materials outlined a new approach to architectural design and interior decor in the mid-twentieth century. Chromed steel, clear glass, plastics like acrylic, and molded plywood joined forces with traditional materials like leather, wool, and hardwoods to create new and interesting furnishings that continue to inspire and charm designers, home-dwellers, and guests alike.

The modern movement embodied an effort to reduce the frippery and ornamentation of older styles to elicit a calm, refined experience. The new design aesthetic led to style for the masses. The simple but elegant shapes fostered efficiency in production, making them more widely available. Many influences can be traced as the progenitors of the modern movement, from the peaceful effect of Japanese interiors to forward-thinking developments from Bauhaus in Europe.

Charles and Ray Eames, Arne Jacobsen, Isamu Noguchi, and Harry Bertoia are all well-known scions of the mid-century modern movement. Their designs live on today, as fresh and crisp as they were in the ‘40s, ‘50s, and ‘60s. This design movement fostered a whole new outlook on space and beauty, now populated with modern classics.


The bedroom is one of the most important rooms to keep clutter-free, ensuring a good night’s rest and a refreshing morning. Modern furniture is an ideal choice for creating a clear palette.

Low profile platform beds are a modern staple. Wood construction offers more tradition, while lacquered finishes make a striking appearance. Today, upholstery and tufting soften the silhouette with contemporary cachet.

A sleek dresser or dresser set is a perfect way to maintain a clean, well-appointed look in any bedroom. Combine with a platform bed for a polished finish.

Dining Room

A modern dining room makes a perfect backdrop for sleek tableware and delicious food presentations. By avoiding frills and over-the-top adornment, the food takes center stage, making a modern approach perfect for any foodie.

Metal frames and glass tabletops offer a clear advantage in smaller spaces. Opaque fiberglass tabletops are also a popular choice. Even wood tables take a minimalist turn in modern designs, with streamlined silhouettes.

Modern seating is a great way to add a pop of personality to a dining room. With a focus on ergonomic comfort, chair designs in metal, acrylic, and bent plywood offer accessible style for any dining room or kitchen. The Eiffel base is an iconic nod to mid-century designs, and continues to make a definitive style statement. These chairs will become household favorites, whether eating, working on a project, or enjoying the company of friends.

A buffet is a major furniture piece of the home, so incorporating one into the dining room in a tasteful way sets the stage for a modern dwelling. Glossy lacquer finishes or even open shelving units create bright options for dining storage and display. Clean lines in warm walnut or rosewood-toned wood, first introduced in the mid-century, continue to serve as a beautiful display that will be enjoyed for decades.

Home Office

Few rooms have welcomed such a resurgence of modern style as the home office. Perfectly suited for a workspace, modern style is all about functionality, orderliness, and clear surfaces--an office dream. A modern approach allows for stylish expression, and forward-thinking ideas. Eliminate the heavy feeling of a large wood desk with a glass and metal work table, separate storage, and a welcoming chair. Keep a clean look with separate storage away from your desk, including a file cabinet and a modern bookcase.

Living Room

Modern furniture takes center stage in the living room. Show-stopping designs, inspired by mid-century classics, like Arne Jacobsen’s swan chair, Bertoia’s wire designs, or Eames designed lounge chairs continue to steal the show.

Leather and metal seating choices now look progressive, yet timeless, paired with a glass coffee table or chromed and mirrored surfaces. Hardwoods still make themselves welcome in the modern home in chair frames and tables, paired with cozy wool upholstery and warm finishes.

If the coffee table is a statement piece for the living room, a modern coffee table is a declaration of style. From Noguchi’s iconic designs and mid-century slab tables to futuristic metal ottomans and bent glass shapes, a modern coffee table is often one part functional surface, and one part sculptural art.

The Future is Now

Whether you choose the edgiest of new styles, or the mid-century looks that have now become renowned classics, enjoy your commitment to a modern lifestyle by surrounding yourself with great design.