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Finding the Perfect Adirondack Chair:

To make shopping easy, we've grouped our Adirondack chairs into categories according to budget. All will help you sit back and relax, but take a look at some additional features and find the chair that's really calling your name. You just have to listen ...

Good Adirondack Chairs Good
  • Wood/Material: Softer density
  • Finish: Unfinished & stained
  • Weather Resistance: Minimal
  • Warranty: Limited warranties
Better Adirondack Chairs Better
  • Wood/Material: Medium density
  • Finish: Pressure treated & painted
  • Weather Resistance: Weather resistant hardware
  • Warranty: Better warranties
Best Adirondack Chairs Best
  • Wood/Material: Hardwoods & recycled plastics
  • Finish: Pressure treated & UV protected
  • Weather Resistance: Highest weather resistance
  • Warranty: Best warranties

Accessories to Complement Your Adirondack Chair

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Adirondack Architecture


This rustic style of furniture married well with the emerging lodge architecture of the same time. First popular in the Adirondack mountains in the late 1800s, the aesthetic quickly spread to other mountainous regions, especially Colorado, California, and the Pacific northwest.

Swiss Influence
The creator of the Adirondack, or Great Camp style, was William West Durant. While studying in Europe, the young Durant became attracted to the rugged design of the mountain lodges in the Swiss Alps. After returning to the United States, he soon realized that the combination of alpine styling with sturdy stone-and-log frontier construction would make for perfect lodging, especially for wealthy New York vacationers seeking a back-to-nature experience.

FDR's Favorite
Characterized by natural stone foundations, fitted log construction, and large vaulted roofs, these structures were environmentally attractive, as well as structurally able to withstand the harshest mountain conditions. Thanks to Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was a frequent visitor to the Adirondacks, and whose fondness for the rustic style of these buildings was no secret, Great Camp architecture became the model for national park and ski lodges across the United States. One of the most famous is The Inn at Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park.

New Age Comeback
Today, an increase in environmental awareness and a heightened sensitivity to the need for ecological harmony have spawned a resurgence of Adirondack architecture. Because of advances in telecommunications, many families can now choose to live and work from remote rural environments. The function, beauty, and adaptability of William Durant's turn-of-the-century lodges are again proving to be perfectly suited for alternative lifestyles. Solar panels, wind generators, and satellite dishes, combined with energy-saving construction techniques, can all help transform your forest island into an eco-friendly, high-tech oasis.

And so the Adirondack story continues, retaining its place at the core of today’s favorite American outdoor furniture and lounging leisurely outside of countless rustic lodges and getaways, large and small.