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Your feathered friends will love the accommodations they find at your house. Here are some tips for making your yard into an inviting place to perch.

Bird Bath Basics

We offer many styles of baths to attract a variety of avian visitors. In addition to traditional pedestal designs made of concrete, metal, ceramic, or resin, you can find basins that mount directly to a wall or fence.

Whatever style you choose, don’t place your bird bath in the middle of an open yard. Birds will be less likely to visit as they are vulnerable to predators, especially if they are wet, and cannot fly at the full capacity. Pick a spot near a tree, fence, or other structure that will provide an easy escape route to a higher perch.

Also, consider placing your bird bath where you will get the most enjoyment from it. Choose a place where you can see it, either from a deck or patio, or when looking out a window while indoors.

Lastly, remember that you will need to clean and refill the basin frequently, so position it in reach of a garden hose.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Change the water every other day, or even every day in hot weather. Once a week, scrub the bottom of the basin with a stiff brush to eliminate algae or other debris from accumulating. Consider using a non-toxic fountain or additive to inhibit the growth of algae.

You can also add a water pump to create your own fountain. The birds will love it even more for the circulating water, and it will stay fresher longer. The moving water will also discourage mosquitoes from breeding. Solar powered fountains are a great option to eliminate the need for a long cord to operate the water pump. Some bird watchers also install a heater to keep water flowing in the colder months.

How to Attract Birds

Complete your sanctuary with a feeder and a house. The easiest way to attract birds is to offer the food they like. Some species, like those in the finch family, prefer specific seeds, such as thistle. Hummingbirds require a specific nectar feeder which is filled with sugar water to attract them.

Another option is to landscape with plants that attract birds. Berry bushes, sunflowers, and crab apple trees are all good options for bringing the bird party to your neck of the woods.