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A bird bath is a classic way to bring a decorative touch to your garden and attract local birds at the same time. Most common is the pedestal style bird bath made of cast stone, ceramic, metal, or resin. You'll also find a great selection of hanging bird baths, tiered styles, deck-mounted options, and more. Place your bird bath in a spot where you'll be able to enjoy the activity, and if it's a fountain bird bath you'll need to place it near a power source. Or, consider a solar powered bird bath and all you'll need is plenty of direct sun.

To keep the birds coming back, change the water as often as possible and scrub the basin with a stiff brush once a week to eliminate algae and other debris. Fountain bird baths stay fresher a little longer because of the circulating water. You can even add a water pump to a standard bird bath and get the same effect. The flowing water attracts the birds, creates a soothing trickle, and reduces algae and mosquitos. Consider other perks, like a heater, to keep the water comfortable in the cooler months.