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What Satisfied Customers Are Saying

Excellent clothesline
By Dawn from OSAGE,IA on 5/11/2015
Easy to install and set up! It has a sleek exterior design so looks good on side of garage or house
Outdoor Parallel Clotheslline
By Lori from Punta Gorda , Florida on 5/11/2015
Love the outdoor parallel clothesline. Looked on-line for instructions to install. Simple and secure in the ground. Plenty of room for clothes. Used it today for the first time and loved seeing the clothes sway in the breeze and sunshine. Great way to spend a little time outdoors and know that I am saving on my electric bill. Happy to recommend it to my friends
Just what I wanted
By Kay from Maine on 5/3/2015
I bought this clothes line to replace my old one that was distroyed by the heavy snows of last winter. This one is much more substantial and installation was easy. You can remove this and store it away if you need to.
Into My Second Season
By Sue from Loveland, OH on 4/16/2015
Used this for a whole year now and couldn't be happier. Like other reviewers state, the inner lines are a little short (so perfect for my younger kids to hang clothes out) but I can usually get almost 3 loads on this line. I put it away for the winter and love the cap over the whole in the ground. Also love the inner bag that pulls out from the stem to keep the lines relatively clean during storage. Can't comment on ease of putting it in the ground as my husband and son did it for a Mother's Day present when I was gone.
Just what I need
By candomaxbar from Cambra, PA on 2/1/2015
Bought this for our house in Florida, we have an HOA that states no clothes lines. We have a screened in enclosed porch. I love to hang my clothes on the line; Problem solved. The clothes line can be pulled out to dry sheets and unmentionables and retract for easy storage. I have not used it yet and will update my review once it is installed and used.
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Laundry Tips from Nature

If you think you can't green up your wash cycle, you're all wet

Drying laundry on the clothesline gives it the freshest, cleanest smell, and it saves money, energy and carbon impact. What more could you want? How about some natural tips for your wash cycle?

Soften Your Image
Clothing that feels stiff after being dried on a clothesline or clothes drying rack probably still has some soap in it. Add an extra rinse cycle, and reduce the amount of soap you use. A half-cup of vinegar added to the rinse helps release unused soap and acts as a natural softener. Don't worry, the smell goes away when it dries.

Bottoms Up
If you want to line-dry diapers, cut your soap usage in half. Start with one cold rinse, then wash hot, followed by two more cold rinse cycles. Add a dash of tea tree oil in the last rinse to naturally disinfect and freshen the load. Skip bleach and fabric softeners. The sun naturally disinfects and whitens, and bleach residue irritates tender little moons. Clothes drying racks are ideal for hanging diapers indoors or out. Just make sure they're in the sun.

Honey Can Do DRY-01111 Collapsible Wooden Drying Rack

Getting Out of the Lint Trap
To help avoid lint accumulating on line-dried clothing, separate clothing in the wash cycle. Socks and towels are lint monsters, so are blankets and fleece. Wash and dry these separately, and you won't have to comb the rest of the laundry.

Do your wash load early or overnight, so you can hang it in the morning to dry while you do other stuff. It'll be ready to fold when you return.

Vinegar Gets You Out of Any Pickle

  • Sponge a little white distilled vinegar directly onto wine stains within 24 hours, then clean according to care tag directions.
  • One cup of vinegar in a load of baby clothes will break down uric acid and soap residue, leaving clothes fluffy and fresh.
  • Clothes rinse better if a little vinegar is added to the last rinse to dissolve the alkalies in detergent. Cotton and wool blankets will puff up softer too.
  • Lightly rub a little vinegar on deodorant stains before washing as usual.
  • After a hem or seam has been removed, you'll often see the holes left behind by the thread. Place a cloth dampened with vinegar under it and iron. The holes will magically close.
  • To remove a scorch, try wiping it with vinegar, then brush with a dry cloth.

Nature wants to help you, so give it a chance. Clothes drying racks and clotheslines make it easy!