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What Satisfied Customers Are Saying

Warning: You get ONE T-post!
By Kristin from OMAHA,NE on 9/7/2014
The package came badly damaged but everything inside seemed okay. I won't know until I get the second T-post to assemble both units to know for sure. That brings me to my one complaint. The listing needs to be much clearer. You need two of these unless you plan on getting the retractor or setting it up against a wall or something... Be sure to order what you need.
Great quality, works great!
By Terry from Grand Junction, CO on 8/3/2014
Quality product, each to install and works great.
Thank you
By Jerry from SHAWSVILLE,VA on 7/19/2014
Just Perfect
A very ingenioius clothesline.
By Walter from HOLDEN,MA on 7/16/2014
Easy to set up once you get the strings sorted out. The cement base was a bit of a challenge, but not too hard. I used tire method: got an old tire for free from my auto repair place, bought 7 40-pound bags of Sakrete after scouring the Internet for info on how to get it done. Novaplus should have its own instructions on this, and they should include the fact that a lot of places will sell you old hard bags of concrete that do not cure. Don't buy them. I found that out online just before making the cement and was able to return six of the seven. It then took me 3 80-pound bags of Quikrete to fill the tire -- takes some muscles, but well worth it. The little cap that sits on top of the unit fell off when I went to set it up, but I'm hopeful there's some way to attach it. Set up was easy, but not because of the instructions, which are not in very good English. Generally, it's a neat clothesline, plus I now have a 240-pound tire filled with concrete that someday I can roll down the hill to see what it hits.
Pleased with the Purchase
By Julia from Albany, NY on 7/13/2014
I use it on my deck. Easy to set up and put away.
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Laundry Tips from Nature

If you think you can't green up your wash cycle, you're all wet

Drying laundry on the clothesline gives it the freshest, cleanest smell, and it saves money, energy and carbon impact. What more could you want? How about some natural tips for your wash cycle?

Soften Your Image
Clothing that feels stiff after being dried on a clothesline or clothes drying rack probably still has some soap in it. Add an extra rinse cycle, and reduce the amount of soap you use. A half-cup of vinegar added to the rinse helps release unused soap and acts as a natural softener. Don't worry, the smell goes away when it dries.

Bottoms Up
If you want to line-dry diapers, cut your soap usage in half. Start with one cold rinse, then wash hot, followed by two more cold rinse cycles. Add a dash of tea tree oil in the last rinse to naturally disinfect and freshen the load. Skip bleach and fabric softeners. The sun naturally disinfects and whitens, and bleach residue irritates tender little moons. Clothes drying racks are ideal for hanging diapers indoors or out. Just make sure they're in the sun.

Honey Can Do DRY-01111 Collapsible Wooden Drying Rack

Getting Out of the Lint Trap
To help avoid lint accumulating on line-dried clothing, separate clothing in the wash cycle. Socks and towels are lint monsters, so are blankets and fleece. Wash and dry these separately, and you won't have to comb the rest of the laundry.

Do your wash load early or overnight, so you can hang it in the morning to dry while you do other stuff. It'll be ready to fold when you return.

Vinegar Gets You Out of Any Pickle

  • Sponge a little white distilled vinegar directly onto wine stains within 24 hours, then clean according to care tag directions.
  • One cup of vinegar in a load of baby clothes will break down uric acid and soap residue, leaving clothes fluffy and fresh.
  • Clothes rinse better if a little vinegar is added to the last rinse to dissolve the alkalies in detergent. Cotton and wool blankets will puff up softer too.
  • Lightly rub a little vinegar on deodorant stains before washing as usual.
  • After a hem or seam has been removed, you'll often see the holes left behind by the thread. Place a cloth dampened with vinegar under it and iron. The holes will magically close.
  • To remove a scorch, try wiping it with vinegar, then brush with a dry cloth.

Nature wants to help you, so give it a chance. Clothes drying racks and clotheslines make it easy!

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