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Excellent Compost Tool
By John from Huntington Beach, CA on 6/27/2015
This is close to the ideal tool of its type. It is solid and well made. Some models of this type of compost turner have a large cross-sectional area that must be pushed into the pile. This tool has a relatively small one which makes it easier to use. The long main rod is solid steel which means it will give many years of use without bending or corroding through. The solid comfortable handle is firmly welded to the main rod as opposed to attachment by screws or bolts which tend to fail more quickly. The retracting paddles are above average in their thickness without being overly cumbersome. They are attached to the main rod by a sturdy rivet. This type of tool requires some strength to use but the effort can be minimized if the user does not insert the rod deeply at the start. The top should be loosened before inserting the rod more deeply. Another issue is sticking of the paddles. There is a breaking in period during which the grit in the compost pile will wear the contact points between the paddles and the rod until they are not so tight. This can be helped along by manually working stuck paddles back and forth until they move more freely. I also use WD-40 on the contact points.
No Setup and Easy to Turn
By Patricia from JewettCity,CT on 6/22/2015
I just took it out of the box and set the drum onto the bottom piece. Filled 1 side 1/2 way and started my first compost. Will start adding to the other side until I get it 1/2 way to 3/4 fill.
Easy to use composter
By Candice from Atlanta, GA on 6/22/2015
This composter arrived and was so easy and quick to assemble, which made us feel confident about the quality of the product. We have been using it for a few months now and very happy so far! Still waiting on our first load to decompose, but love the rolling bin feature.
Wonderful worms
By Lynn from OMAHA,NE on 6/18/2015
I love worms and before I recently moved, I had a traditional composter on the ground and raised my own worms. So I know worms when I see them. Your worms quickly grew and are happy and breeding after 2 months in their new home. I have a 50' by 60' garden and use horse manure as my soil. I divided the worms after the first 4 weeks and as of last night I need to do it again. I have wonderful castings and tons of eggs. They eat like crazy and leave me rich soil to blend with my manure soil. I have the richest loam money could not buy. Thank you for your wonderful worms. I like them. Lynn
50 Gallon Lifetime Composter
By Scott from OMAHA,NE on 6/16/2015
The Lifetime 50 gallon composter is very well made. It took me 3 hours to assemble and I'm pretty handy. I didn't find it difficult to assemble, it just had a lot of parts and accessories and I had to read the manual which I usually don't have to do. I ordered another one and it will probably take me half the time to assemble.
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