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Excellent for my needs
By Jamie from OMAHA,NE on 3/20/2015
I purchased this as a supplemental composter to my primary which was inaccessible in the winter snow. It made composting easy and convenient. Not sure why people are saying it was difficult to put together. I had no problem.
So Far So Good
By Salvatore from Greenwich, NY on 3/15/2015
Fast shipping. Solid. We loaded it with fresh compost and it took two of us to spin. As long as it is not over half full, it's much easier to spin.
This composter is awesome!
By ScottNOFX from Menifee California on 3/13/2015
New to worm composting yet it was very easy due to instructions and actual design of the unit. Worms seem to be donuing very well in it.
65 Gallon Compost Bin
By Fay from Ridgely,MD on 3/10/2015
I just received the Item and I will be putting it to use very soon. The bin itself is very sturdy .
Good Choice
By Sam I Am from Southern CA on 2/16/2015
When we bought our current property over 3 years ago, there was already one of these on the property, it was already pretty old and still in very good shape. With the right mix of carbon/nitrogen and H2O it composts fairly quickly, and has good capacity (we compost everything). Bought the 2nd so I can wait for the composting to finish while starting a 2nd batch. Easy to put together, sturdy enough, and the 'plastic' nuts/bolts are actually well-built/designed and much better than having steel screws that will rust over time (please, no rust in my dirt!). The compost at the bottom of the pile is easy enough to get at with the sliding panels - you just have to lie down on the ground and pull it out with a small hand trowel (and who doesn't like lying down out in the garden?). This is a good choice for a home composter.
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