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Wonderful worms
By Lynn from OMAHA,NE on 6/18/2015
I love worms and before I recently moved, I had a traditional composter on the ground and raised my own worms. So I know worms when I see them. Your worms quickly grew and are happy and breeding after 2 months in their new home. I have a 50' by 60' garden and use horse manure as my soil. I divided the worms after the first 4 weeks and as of last night I need to do it again. I have wonderful castings and tons of eggs. They eat like crazy and leave me rich soil to blend with my manure soil. I have the richest loam money could not buy. Thank you for your wonderful worms. I like them. Lynn
50 Gallon Lifetime Composter
By Scott from OMAHA,NE on 6/16/2015
The Lifetime 50 gallon composter is very well made. It took me 3 hours to assemble and I'm pretty handy. I didn't find it difficult to assemble, it just had a lot of parts and accessories and I had to read the manual which I usually don't have to do. I ordered another one and it will probably take me half the time to assemble.
very satisfied
By Tara from Hardwick,VT on 6/14/2015
This product came quickly and in great shape easy to assemble with a great look in the yard once set up.
Great size for a small back yard.
By Steven from Cary,NC on 6/13/2015
My wife is an avid gardener and we've made our own compost for years. We recently moved to an active retirement community with a very restrictive HOA. In addition the yards are very small. This composter is just what the doctor ordered. Small profile so we can conceal it behind a hedge and two composting chambers so we can cook small batches of compost independently. It was easy to set up, in fact it took longer to cut up the box it came in than to get the composter up and running.
No sweat set-up
By Pamela from Seattle,WA on 6/11/2015
This could be a five star but I'm waiting to see the final compost product. The set up was so easy, took five minutes. I went to this system after a very labor intensive pair of worm bins dug into the ground with plastic lattice bins below the surface. Made great compost but it was hard to get to it. Then rats dug down underneath and chewed through the lattice! This composter looks and feels indestructible, and offers easy access ... for me not for rodents. Exactly what I was looking for.
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