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St. Francis Statue arrived early!
By Barbara from Bradenton, FL on 7/23/2015
When I recently moved from Arkansas to Florida, I forgot to get my old St. Francis statue from my garden. I was heart sick about it. My good friends in Arkansas sent me money for my birthday in July and I found a perfect replacement at and they sent it about a week ahead of time. I am so happy with my new looks so nice in my FL garden!
By Gena from Arlington, VA on 7/20/2015
Very cute and almost looks real. Adds a nice pet friendly touch to my welcoming porch.
Accurate life-like replica
By Donna from Foresthills, NY on 7/20/2015
This highly lifelike replica, resembles the BOX TURTLE species. Perhaps with a slight color variant its almost exact and perhaps just a little smaller, as BOX TURTLES rarely exceed 6 inches, but otherwise an excellent duplicate. - Dr. Robert A. Cospito.
Garden elf
By Kay from Salem, OR on 7/20/2015
I am very pleased with the two elves I purchased. They meet my expectations and are heavy do they should not tip over.
Cutest Rabbits Ever!
By Laurie from TACOMA, WA on 7/19/2015
Just received these Rabbits and they are so cute. We couldn't be happier with them. In the online pictures they appear to be a little beefier than they are in person. We'll have to see how they hold up in our wet Washington state weather, but since we are having one of our sunniest summers ever, we'll have to wait a few months for that.
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Glam up the Garden

There's no easier way to put your own personal stamp on your outdoor living space than with garden statues and accents. Whether you're creating a backyard sanctuary that needs a few pagodas and Buddha statues to finish off its Zen vibe or you've just installed a pool and need a few flamingoes in sunglasses to make the party complete, you'll find it here.

Children and Animals

If whimsy and lighthearted is what you're going for in the garden, animals and children are a natural choice. Child statues feature kids in every pose from holding a kitten or learning to dress, to fishing from the bank or catching fireflies. Animal lovers are in luck, too. Find nearly every animal imaginable from the grandest peacock to the smallest hedgehog, and every dog breed you can imagine. How about two fierce lions to guard your home's gate? Or a meditating frog to sit beside your rock garden? They're here too.

Fairytale Creatures

Your garden can be an escape from the daily grind and there are plenty of woodland creatures and mythical beings to make the fantasy more of a reality. Perhaps the most iconic garden statue of all time is the garden gnome. To be sure, you can find the classic little fellow in simple stance and pointed hat. But the gnome has evolved to cover various hobbies and attitudes, too. Fairies and elves range in all sizes and add undeniable magic to the garden.

Garden Guardians

Another traditional choice in garden d├ęcor is the griffin or gargoyle. Griffons are mythical creatures that are believed to guard treasure and gargoyles were originally used to drain water away from masonry walls. Both creatures would do well to scare off trespassers and are sure to give your backyard a cool medieval touch. Finally, dragons round out the selection of fairytale accessories. Bring one home to guard your garden.


Carve out a spot for reflection and prayer and bring in some statues to aid in spiritual guidance. From St. Francis to the Madonna, these garden statues will add a touch of serenity to your backyard sanctuary. Angels are a wonderful choice for creating a sense of protection or for remembering a lost loved one. Cherubs always look divine in the flowerbeds.

Greek & Italian Art & Architecture

Bring the art of Florence, the history of Rome, and the architecture of Athens to your backyard with impressive replicas of these fine achievements. From a scaled-down version of Michelangelo's David to the instantly recognizable Venus de Milo, there are many statues to help you build an outdoor oasis fit for the gods. There are even pedestals and other remnant style pieces to create the look of authentic ruins.