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excellent choice
By Handyman wanabe from Guttenberg, Ia on 8/28/2015
Just finished putting this kit together in about 7 hours. First kit I have ever experienced where all parts were included and fit as they should. Only suggestion would be to study the instructions at least twice, I did and still put a couple pieces together and had to take apart and do it right. Seemed flimsy when first started but once complete appears to be very sturdy and well built. Would recommend to anyone interested in home greenhouse.
All they said it would be, except
By Gramma from Everett, WA on 8/22/2015
Not as easy to assemble as they said it would be. My husband and I are both in our 60's and it took us 4 days to do. the large connectors had to be pounded in with a rubber mallet and even then it was a hard go. We used the silicone spray as recommended, not much help. The husband said it might help if they tapered the plastic parts to help start them in to place. That being said I am very happy with the end product. Hats off to the designer, the directions were clear. (I do think that it might have gone better if the braces were set before the windows went in, Just my opinion.) I believe that it will last me for years to come and I am very happy with the look and utility of it. Customer service at both Pelham and Hayneedle have been wonderful helping with questions and concerns, and taking care of my needs. I would buy again, happly
Palram shade kit
By GlennC from Centralia, WA on 8/14/2015
The order was processed and arrived expediently. This can be cut and customized to fit nearly any area in your green house.
Green house
By Susan from ColoradoSprings, CO on 8/14/2015
The green house was smaller than I had expected but fits well in the area. All my pepper planets are very happy to have the extra heat. The product was very easy to assemble and only took about 30 minutes to set up. First night it had a wind test and I thought it end up either blowing but it survived. I did have to put some bricks around the bottom support bars to ensure it didn't blow away as I have it setup on my deck.
Great for ripening fruit also
By Lani from Bandon, OR on 8/10/2015
This is lovely, not only for growing veggie starts but for ripening fruit. DH has taken over the top shelf, we may have to buy another...easy to assemble and attractive. Thank you!
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