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Every asset of grilling is easier, smarter, and more convenient with today's grill accessories. Complete your experience by keeping things handy when preparing, cooking, and presenting your food. It'll make all the difference in your entire process and will help you perfect your personal routine. There's more to cooking outdoors gas, coals, and wood that we're excited about - grillware and smoker accessories are a must to have on-hand when you're busy in the kitchen, outdoors.

The Basics

The tools that we recommend include a heavy-guage brush, spatula, fork, extra-long tongs, and other needed cookware such as a veggie basket, pan, and grill toppers (rib racks, roast holders) that make for easy handling and operation. A rotisserie kit is also a must-have and virtually hands-free.

Key items as basic as aprons and BBQ mitts are often overlooked which can lead to a dangerous balancing act with hot food. Don't forget about a meat thermometer for checking the internal temp of meats and veggies to ensure everything's fully cooked. In fact, if you're in need of a replacement thermometer, we can't stress the importance of looking into a new one before your next outing.

Prep Essentials

Be sure you're prepared for each type of meal you plan to cook by establishing a game plan for prepping the food and the possibilities of marinating, brining, or rubbing on any desirable spices prior to cooking. If you're venturing into a new territory of cooking something you haven't before or exploring some new prepping or grilling techniques, it's never a bad idea to consult your cookbooks for some advice from the pros.


Keeping your grill in top-notch shape shouldn't be a time consuming task. It's easier up-keep to give it a little extra attention each time you use it. It's much easier to brush the grates after the cooking process is complete and they're starting to cool down. It's never fun to deal with a mess, and it helps lengthen the lifespan of your grates and burners.

Another necessity we highly recommend is getting a cover for added protection when it's not in use to prevent rusting, fading, and getting dirty and unsightly. This will also reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning, and it'll only add to the excitement of trying out your new accessories. Grill mats and pads are also handy to have around and help keep your deck or patio surface protected from splatters and drips.


We offer over a dozen high quality brands to allow you to find the accessories that work best for your personal applications. Our goal is to offer enough selection to allow you to make quick and easy comparisons, and to give you the confidence to cook up some tasty meals all summer long. Have questions? Give our grill experts a call: 1-888-880-4884.