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The Right Tools for the Best Lawn on the Block

Whether they're in newly established suburban homes or on a sprawling rural acreage, most homeowners take a lot of pride in their home's lawn and garden. These are the people who sacrifice entire weekends, sweating and toiling under the hot sun to have the best looking house on the block. Every blade of grass is trimmed to perfection, every leaf or twig has been removed, every flower bed is well watered, mulched and is booming with beautiful blooms. Some may wonder, "How do they do it?"

A 5-star lawn and garden doesn't come easily. Homeowners must be willing to devote time to maintaining their outdoor oasis. It takes patience, diligence, and a little bit of a green thumb, to be sure. But most importantly, it takes the right equipment. The world of lawn equipment is wide and varied and some homeowners don't even know what many tools are for, much less how to use them. A brief lawn equipment run-down might be useful when deciding what you need and what you don't.

Reel Mowers:

This is lawn mowing gone Old School. Before the noisy, dirty, polluting gas-powered lawn mowers of today, people used these clean and quiet tools to keep their grass trimmed. Most are whisper quiet and they're available in a wide range of widths.

Lawn Sweepers:

While the push reel mower is quiet and eco-friendly, many models don't include a way to bag the grass you've cut. That’s where the sweeper comes in. It does just what its name would suggest. Some models can attach to your reel mower so you don't have to go over your lawn twice.

Lawn Vacuums & Leaf Blowers:

Noisier and less green than the lawn sweepers, leaf blowers and lawn vacuums still get the job done. These can be gas-powered or electric and make quick work of clearing your lawn and sidewalks of natural debris.

Electric Lawn Mowers:

Similarly, if you prefer a little more power behind your mower than a push reel has to offer, electric lawn mowers are a great option. Still greener (and quieter) than gas-powered mowers, these models usually have bags for catching the lawn clippings and are offered in corded or cordless options.

Electric Snow Shovels, Blowers & Throwers:

Make the snowy months easier on your back with an electric snow shovel, snow blower, or snow thrower. Offered in corded and non-corded (rechargeable) options, these electric units are quicker than shoveling and quieter and greener than gas powered models.

Trimmers & Edgers:

To get where the lawn mower can't, you need trimmers and edgers. These tools really give the finishing touch to your lawn upkeep. Trim hedges to perfection, give lawns a well-defined barrier, and rid the fence line of climbing grass.

More Equipment and Accessories:

You didn't think that was it, did you? There's a whole lot more to discover in the world of yard and garden care. Check out lawn rollers to erase the damage caused by moles and other rodents, or tow-behind plows to get your garden ready. Cultivators get your lawn ready for spring and dethatchers clear away built-up debris. There are spreaders, sprayers and scatter boxes for quickly dolling out seeds, nutrients and fertilizers, and more, so much more!