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Get Ready to Rock!

There's nothing better than kicking back and relaxing on a warm summer day – well, except kicking back in a serenely soothing outdoor rocking chair, that is!

Rocking and rolling the way to better health through relaxation has been documented for hundreds of years. In fact, in the 1900s Rocking Chair Therapy was considered a very progressive and effective way to help treat an array of ailments, and more recent research strongly supports the same. So what better way to reap the benefits of a good rocking chair than to get a healthy dose of fresh air at the same time!

Sold on the idea of an outdoor rocking chair? Good! There are just a few things to consider before you go grab one.

Consider your current décor.

There's a rocker to suit just about any style. Choose one you think best complements your home's character. If your home falls somewhere on the traditional/transitional spectrum, a classic wood rocker may be your best bet. More modern? Consider something sleek, colorful, or unexpected. Or change it up and do something completely different – mix and match styles to keep things interesting.

Watch the weather.

Weatherproof recycled plastic resin chairs are a best bet for just about any type of weather. Available in a variety of colors, these outdoor rockers won't splinter, fade, chip, or rust. If you're not too worried about inclement weather (lucky you!), a wood or metal rocker will do the trick. If you're set on something that's not quite accustomed to your climate, look for weatherproof finishes or naturally resilient materials, such as teak or cypress, to better suit your needs.

Think about the extras.

Rocking chairs like company. Whether it's another rocker, a small side table, or some cushions, it's a good idea to consider how your rocker will be used to best determine what you need. A side table makes a great companion to one or two rockers if you'll have reading materials, snacks, or beverages with you. If you plan on entertaining, more than one rocker is a must, and if everyday coziness is what you crave, you should definitely consider some rocker-friendly outdoor cushions or pillows.

Any way you choose to rock it, an outdoor rocking chair is a must-have for fair-weather functions. Stay relaxed, stay healthy, and rock on!