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Patio Heaters

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You're Getting Warmer…

Imagine outdoor gatherings on the patio with friends and family, and just as the sun begins set, that cool breeze starts to settle in. Instead of retreating back indoors, extend your outdoor party time with the addition of a patio heater. Patio heaters are meant to replicate the concept of a campfire, and within a close proximity, you and your guests will remain warm and comfortable without all the smoke and flying ash that comes with a campfire.


Warmer climate dwellers are able to use a patio heater year-round to maximize outdoor comfort on cool evenings, and those who experience colder weather during the winter months can enjoy outdoor gatherings in the autumn months a little longer as well as start your outdoor spring-season fun a bit earlier.

Find Your Style

When shopping for a patio heater, you'll find several style options and many more choices to make while considering the power level (residential or commercial), cost, placement, and installation. There are three fuel types that may help give you a general understanding of patio heaters and gear you in the direction of the patio heater that best suits your outdoor application.

Fuel Types

  • Propane – The most transportable and easy to use. It requires no plumbing or installation. The propane tank is stored out of site within the heater's housing. However, it can be the most costly option as it may need refilling after 15 hours of use.
  • Natural Gas – The lowest cost to operate. Requires professional installation and will need to be professionally plumbed. No need to refill since they have a continuous source.
  • Electric – Produces zero emissions and falls between the price range of propane and natural gas patio heaters. May require professional installation based on wiring, voltage, and location. Electric patio heaters run resourcefully, they're economic on fuel, and produce heat effectively by converting energy to heat.

Power Levels

There are generally three power level types of patio heaters: Regular Power Level which typically ranges from 10,000 and 20,000 BTUs (table top, wall mounted heaters), High Power Level which ranges from 21,000 to 39,000 BTUs (usually residential free-standing heaters), and Turbo Power Level commonly yields 40,000 to 50,000 BTUs (usually commercial free-standing heaters).

Consider your patio environment's setup and the amount of space you intend to heat, the fuel type you prefer, and locality of your patio heater in the case there is a need for wiring, plumbing, and installation. Have questions? Give our experts a call: 1-888-880-4884.