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Unbelievably great
By TM09 from Singapore on 1/18/2016
Bought this a month ago, used it on 2 household ant nest. After less than a week, ants are all gone. Didn't even have to use 1/4 of the small bottle.
This Trap works Great! Goodbye pesky squirrels.
By Bird Feed Defender from Undisclosed on 1/18/2016
After watching your videos, I put this trap out hoping to catch one of the many squirrels that eat the food from my bird feeder. I caught two in one day! Relocated them to a forest reserve 5 miles away.
2 Skunks, 1 Racoon, 3 days
By Zeke from Culver City, CA, United States on 1/16/2016
I have owned Havahart traps in the past. This current design has made the trap easier to set and easier to remove the critters after capture. The price is reasonable and results are good. I set up a trail camera on the trapping area to monitor the critter behavior around the trap. It is useful and educational and fun. Rob
Good product
By Cheresse from Chicago, IL on 1/9/2016
Very easy to mix and work immediately.
Bt dust
By ehodges from savannah, ga on 1/8/2016
The Bt dust could finer holes so it spreads better when dusting.
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Stop Nature's Invaders with a Host of Solutions

Have termites claimed your deck? Did ants find a way into the house? Do mosquitoes prohibit dining alfresco? If you answered yes to any of these questions, or if you're dealing with another intruder, the good news is you don't have to make a separate peace. We offer traps, deterrents, and tools to handle all kinds of pests, be they winged, slithery, or many legged. Remember, it's better to have pest control supplies and not need them rather than need them and not have them.

Dealing with Insects

There are conflicts you can avoid with a spot-free record of cleanliness and there are insect fights you just have to win. Deliver the fight to fleas with canned sprays, beat termites with granules and an applicator, stop spiders mid stride with glue traps, attract and zap flies with portable UV lights, and overwhelm ants with a game-ending spray. Equip yourself with everything from a simple bottle sprayer to a heavy-duty pump sprayer and wand. Use a spreader to really lay down the law.

Dealing with Rodents

Mice and rats top homeowners' most-wanted lists. Wooden traps and bait are by far the most common solutions, but you always have the option of using wire mesh traps, too. If you choose bait, use a container to maximize its impact and limit dispersion. Go high-tech and chase rodents away from the garage and basement with a sonic device (the sound is inaudible to humans and non-rodent pets).

Dealing with Wildlife

Define clear boundaries between your space and theirs. Use Tomahawk's galvanized metal traps to catch and release everything from rabbits to raccoons to coyotes. Calm and control large wildlife with a humanely designed stainless-steel snare and pole. Guard prized fruits and vegetables from birds with reusable and recyclable netting. Ditch the hands-on approach and relocate snakes with a pole and hook attachment—the greater the distance the better. Send mid-size nuisances packing with a plug-in electric fence.

Safety Matters

Take the recommended precautions, regardless of the invader or solution. Read all directions first and keep chemicals away from children and pets. Wear masks, gloves, and protective eyewear when working with chemicals and wash hands and forearms immediately after handling. Gauntlet gloves may seem cumbersome at first for small wildlife control, but skin protection is worth a little discomfort. Use exceeding caution in handling larger wildlife.