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A little back-and-forth is just what's in order to complete the porch you've always wanted. Take in a calm summer night, an invigorating sunrise, a long-overdue conversation, and a passing rain shower, all from the comfort of your new porch swing. Choosing the perfect swing comes down to an empowering set of questions of what's important to you.

Where will you place it?

While placement is definitely implied in the name, most overhangs and sunrooms will support a porch swing. And for those really looking to extend their outdoor living space, choose from frame sets and standalone frames. Consider A-frames, arbor designs, and the coverage of outdoor fabric.

What should it be made of?

There's a certain romanticism to wooden porch swings, and perhaps even more so for those made from sustainably harvested shorea wood, which is comparable to teak in terms of durability. There are two maintenance approaches to wooden models: let them age to a natural patina over time or preserve their original color with seasonal oil treatments. The first approach is relatively maintenance-free and the second is a breeze with our maintenance products. Recycled plastic will never fade, split, or crack, and that's good news for those looking to eliminate maintenance altogether. Resin wicker combines natural attraction and all-around durability. Metal veers modern in style and often forms the material basis for canopy sets.

How comfortable can you make it?

If only all challenges were as rewarding as this one. Create a collection of cushions and pile on the outdoor pillows, because when you settle in with a life-changing novel, putting it down becomes unthinkable.

A respectable collection of hardware keeps installation simple—the way it should be. Though they're small and not required, comfort springs make it easier on the hooks and those taking a seat.

These important questions result in a porch swing meant just for you. As far as advice goes, just keep these words in mind to make the most of the season: swing away.