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elegant, simple and well made
By Louis from Lawrence, MA on 7/23/2015
Installed it with ease. Why the app? It was so easy. Looks fantastic and maybe the garden hose will last a little longer without kinking. Well, belt construction. No plastic.
Good quality hosereel
By Thomas from OMAHA, NE on 7/23/2015
Quiet pleased with the quality of this hose reel. Delivery was good.
By Patricia from Blackwood, NJ on 7/20/2015
The hummingbird hose guard far exceeded my expectations; even nicer than in the photo. In fact, I plan to order another.
Auto rewind is a hit
By Thomas from Temecula, CA on 7/18/2015
My wife couldn't, be happier. She likes the auto rewind feature.
Surdy, well built, minor issues
By John from NAVARRE, FL on 7/9/2015
Ordered two, easily store 120' of 3/4" hose. Mounting would be easier if a template for drilling holes was provided (made my own) otherwise need two people to install (heavy metal!). See other comments on how to add pipe fittings to simplify hose connection - that works great! Only real complaint is cheesy connector hose - really thin brass crimp connectors leak - will probably replace with a "repair" fitting.
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You Can Lead a House to Water...

Water is the source of life in your garden, but unfortunately the house is the source of water. Modern irrigation and water distribution is attractive, super-functional, and easier than ever. With so many ways to transport life-giving liquid to your flowers, herbs, or lawn, there's really no excuse left for your flora to do anything but flourish. Here's a quick guide to some of the different ways to make it rain and some of our favorite related accessories.

H2O to Go

There's a great deal more differentiation in garden hoses than you might expect. Hoses comes in different lengths and thicknesses rated for different applications, but the most standard for home use is a 5/8-inch diameter. Wider hoses can increase your water flow, but you'll have to make sure that your accessories fit. Some plants and yards require a specialty hose like a soaker, spiraling, or heated hose.

Water You Going to do Next?

With water safely transported to the end of the line, the next step is distribution. We like to choose our methods by volume of water moved. A mister provides a fine waft of water well-suited to tropical plants, while a water wand or hose nozzle may be capable of moving mass quantities of aqua pura at a time. A most common choice is to choose a nozzle with a wide range of settings and learn the best combinations for your garden. If it's a great expanse of green you're wetting, it's best to go hands-off and get a sprinkler. You'll find models that oscillate, wave, travel about the yard, and just about everything else you and Bellagio can think of.

Reel It In

An unruly hose is like a giant rubber snake noodling about the driveway and yard. In place of pest control for this common domestic problem are hose reels and hose pots. A reel is ideal for long hoses that get used frequently - it provides a permanent mount for your garden hose and deals it out in manageable lengths while preventing kinks and tangles. For an even greater degree of concealment, a hose pot keeps the whole thing out of sight.