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Quick Tips for Purchasing Dog Food & Treats

1. We know: every dog is special. But sometimes that specialness includes unique dietary needs that can't be met by standard dog foods. Specialty dog foods help puppies grow and adult and senior dogs thrive, even with allergies and physical challenges.

2. The ingredients labels on some dog food containers hold enough mysteries to keep Jack Russell, Dog Detective, busy for many dog years. Our selection of organic and gourmet dog treats offers healthful alternatives, with real foods made from real ingredients.

3. The dietary needs of puppies require not only particular nutrients, but also a well-balanced diet. Dog food for puppies should offer a proportionate balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water. Treats should be less than 10% of a puppy's diet.

4. Dog food for senior dogs is specially designed to deal with physiological changes and decreased activity. When choosing dog food for your older dog, look for foods with higher fiber content, fewer calories, and less fat.

5. Look your dog in the mouth - even if it's a gift dog - and you'll make a discovery: those teeth weren't made for eating grains. Growing awareness of gluten-free people food is bringing attention to how grain-free dog food benefits food-sensitive dogs.

6. Itching and skin rashes are two of the leading signs that a dog is suffering from some type of food allergy. Dog food for allergic dogs (known as hypoallergenic dog food) eliminates additives for all natural, allergy-free dietary health.

7. Dog chews contribute to canine dental health by keeping a dog's teeth clean and strong - and even freshening breath. You could say that the dog chew treats are delicious, all natural, long-lasting, miniature doggie dentists.

8. Road trippers and backpackers know that half the fun of eating jerky is all of that shredding and chewing it requires. Fish, chicken or beef jerky is thus the perfect treat for dogs, with chewing pleasure and delicious protein packed into every strip.

9. Wysong dog food is known as "the thinking person's pet food," and it's easy to see why. Wysong dog foods are not simply all natural - they're also manufactured via a proprietary technology that yields the safest, most genetically appropriate food for dogs.

10. Snack-happy dogs love the taste of dog cookies from Exclusively Pet. Exclusively Pet's cookies for dogs are made from human-grade ingredients - no byproducts or fillers. With peanut butter, vanilla, and other flavors, they'll turn any dog into a cookie monster.