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Pools are at once relaxing and exhausting. Whether you're swimming laps or just splashing around with friends, the energy you exert while relaxing in your pool will need to be replenished. Chaise lounges are a wonderful addition to any poolside, allowing you to lie back and read, chat, or just soak in the sun while you recover from your recreating - like a mini-vacation within a mini-vacation. And patio side chairs or folding chairs offer lots of extra seating that can be conveniently stowed away when not in use. When picking out additional seating for around your pool, there are a few major things to consider.


Do you have someplace like a pool house or basement that will allow you to tuck away seating in the off season or when it's not in use? How much storage space you have may dictate your requirements in terms of how compact your pool furniture must be.


How often will you be moving your furniture? If you're planning a relatively static sitting area or don't have a lot of extra room to reconfigure things on the pool deck, weight might not be an issue. But if you plan on frequently rearranging things depending on who's using the pool, you'll want to be sure to look for a lightweight option. With the development of material technologies, you'll still have plenty of lighter options to choose from, such as wrought iron, cast aluminum, and resin wicker.


How are you most comfortable? The pool and its side seating should be, above all else, relaxing. Strap or sling seating is one type of surface material that cradles the recliner and is very easy to maintain. However, some people prefer to have a full surface below them. For harder surface frames, consider adding seat and back cushions to make them both more colorful and more comfortable. Most pool furniture has some degree of waterproofing and stain-resistance that allows you to wipe off oily sunscreen or spilled drinks. However, be sure to look for a high-quality fabric that also won't fade or crack from constant sun exposure. How much maintenance a type of fabric requires may affect how much you enjoy your pool area.


Whether you find your pool relaxing or invigorating, swimming in it is sure to make you two things at once: tired and hungry. With the addition of chairs, you've already solved the first problem of rest. But adding some outdoor eating surfaces will also help you replenish that energy store. What kind of poolside eating do you envision?

  • If you want to be able to have friends over for a little lunch and swim, be sure to find a table big enough to fit everyone - round tables are particularly good for this, because they accommodate a range of diners more easily.
  • Smaller bistro tables are wonderful for enjoying a quite breakfast outside before or after a morning swim, or an afternoon snack alone or with a friend or family member.
  • If meals seem too complicated to pull together outside, away from the kitchen or pantry, consider adding a few side tables. These provide a surface for drinks to help you stay hydrated, as well as a place to keep towels, keys, phones, and other personal items that you don't want damaged by water.
  • Outdoor bars or counters with a few stools give you extra seating and surface space. They also have the added benefit of giving you extra storage - either for a small, outdoor refrigerator and snack cabinet, so that you don't have to run in to the house every time you feel a bit peckish, or for hiding extra folding chairs or pool equipment when they're not being used.
Stretching the Season

With the addition of some simple outdoor features, your pool doesn't have to be only a summer attraction. Patio heaters provide extra warmth when climbing into and out of the pool, allowing you to enjoy your pool earlier in spring and later in autumn. Even without trying to stretch the season, climbing out of a heated pool almost always chills a swimmer. These handy heaters provide a nice, cozy spot to warm up while drying off. With options for gas or electric models, for mobile-freestanding or wall-mounted styles, there's sure to be a heater that fits your needs. Or for a more decorative statement, outdoor fireplaces add a sophisticated ambiance to the warming equation.

Adding the Final Touches

A patio umbrella can provide a shady respite on a sunny day, extending the amount of time you can spend poolside. Once you commit to diving in, a few floatation devices can allow for continued relaxation and leisure in the water, or they may help your pool come alive with laughter and sport. Think about the size of your pool when considering how many or what types of pool toys to add. Whereas a couple of rafts are terrific for lounging on the water or teaching kids to swim, too many floatation devices can quickly make even a large pool feel small, as well as dangerous. Keeping a constant head count is a good way to make sure everyone is safely having fun. Whether you’re a collector of different floaties or just looking to store the cleaning equipment that any pool requires, a good storage box is a wise investment. These containers make pool cleanup quick and easy, without having to drag anything through your home to the garage or basement. They also help protect the pool equipment, so that you're sure it's functional when next you need it.

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