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A Porch Swing Bed for Exceptional Lounging

The idea is so simple, yet the trend is so new. Most of us are familiar with the comfort that comes from sitting on a porch swing. They're so relaxing … could it get any better? The answer is "yes" because someone (who we think is very wise) thought, "This porch swing is really great, but what if it were cushioned and had more room for me to really spread out?" and we're so glad they did.

Discover Deep Relaxation in a Swing Bed

By simply adding to the depth of the porch swing seat, a swing bed was born. Many have the same look as regular porch swing with a backrest and armrests, offer a deeper seat for a more lounge-worthy experience. Others feature no sides at all and are really more like a hanging porch bed, and some are even big enough for you to enjoy while lying down.

Belham Living Cari Bay Deep Seating Porch Swing Bed with Cushion

In addition to the added depth, a swing bed has a thick cushion like a mattress to encourage fully horizontal lounging. Many also offer toss pillows and bolster pillows for softness from any angle or you can pick out your own for a custom look.

Things to Keep in Mind About Swing Beds

Keep in mind that not all hanging beds or swing beds will swing the same way a traditional porch swing will. A porch swing has two points of contact with the ceiling of your porch or the stand it's supported by. Some swing beds feature the same Y-shaped hanging chain system with two points of installation. These will swing. But others – like those of the hanging bed variety - often hang by four points. This means the swing bed will definitely sway but you won't experience a generous swinging motion.

Where to Hang a Swing Bed

Swing beds are great on the porch or in a sun room. Most models will need a ceiling from which to hang but there are some in standalone frames that could go in the middle of your lawn. You may find you enjoy your outdoor swing bed so much, you want one in your bedroom. And that won't be a problem when you see the stylish options that are available.

Watch this video to learn more about Hayneedle's exclusive swing bed, the Belham Living Cari Bay Deep Seating Porch Swing Bed with Cushion...