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Palazzo 5-Piece Counter Height Dining Set

Item # WIT029

Hayneedle Gold-Star Shipping Standards

Here's what you can count on:
  • Multiple fulfillment-center locations for quick shipping, coast to coast
  • Hundreds of thousands of quick-shipping items arrive in just 2 days
  • Fast, efficient delivery by FedEx, our small-parcel carrier of choice
  • Affordable upgrades to suit a variety of needs
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Special shipping rates apply to the 48 Contiguous United States only. A physical street address is required for all addresses.

This product will be shipped and arrive via a large truck. Freight delivery is used when the size and/or weight of the product is too large to ship using small package carriers such as UPS or FedEx.

To-the-Door Delivery FAQ's

We are happy to provide To-the-Door Delivery by contracted freight carriers, which is the standard shipping method for items that are too large or heavy for shipment with normal package carriers. These deliveries require a recipient to be present during delivery and are made during normal business hours. The carrier will call you in advance to schedule a convenient delivery time, or you can schedule your own appointment online with our carrier when tracking your shipment.

What you should know:

Our To-the-Door delivery means exactly that. Beware other companies who charge $99 for front-door delivery, or claim "free shipping," but charge $50 to lift your item off the truck ("lift-gate fee") or worse, expect you to do it yourself!

Your order will arrive approximately 5-7 business days from the shipping date.

The delivery agent will call in advance to schedule a delivery appointment, generally within a 4-hour window, or you can schedule your own appointment online with our carrier when tracking your shipment.

Deliveries are made via truck Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

To-the-Door Deliveries are ground-level deliveries made outside the main home entrance (e.g. inside a garage or to a front porch).

Transporting the item into the home or other area is the customer's responsibility. Individual drivers may provide some assistance, but Hayneedle cannot guarantee this additional service.

Delivery agents are not equipped to dispose of packaging materials.

Please note the street of access must be at least 10 feet wide with an overhead clearance of at least 14 feet. If the street is smaller than this or if there are unusual elements such as sharp turns, narrow or gravel driveways, or gated communities or condominiums, additional handling charges may apply. Contact our Customer Care Center about availability/pricing for additional services.

Standard shipping rates for this type of delivery apply to the 48 Contiguous United States only. A physical street address is required for all addresses, as we do not ship to P.O. boxes.

What to do upon delivery:

Most important is to inspect the package at the time of delivery and before you sign the carrier's delivery receipt.

  • Are all pieces accounted for?

It is your responsibility to check that all items are correct and all pieces accounted for before you sign. If a box is missing, you may accept the delivered pieces, make a note of the shortage on the delivery receipt, and contact our Customer Care Center to locate the missing item(s).

  • Are the boxes or product(s) damaged?

You may choose to refuse the delivery if there is unacceptable damage to one or more of your item(s). If you choose to refuse the delivery, you must note the damages on the delivery receipt. Please contact Customer Care to notify us of the refusal. If only part of an item is damaged, you may accept the order, record the damages on the carrier's delivery receipt, and contact us. We may be able to replace damaged pieces. If a damaged item arrives outside of our business hours, please contact us on the next business day. We will request that any replacement item(s) be sent to you promptly and free of charge.

Once you have signed the delivery receipt, including any notation of damage, make sure to ask the freight carrier for a copy of the delivery receipt. Also, record the freight company's name and truck number if available so that we may track the order back to our vendor or warehouse.

If you discover damages after the delivery is complete, please contact our Customer Care Center within 24 hours so that we may resolve the situation immediately.