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Bicycle Trailers


Bike Trailer Buying Guide

Who makes the best bike trailers?

For the most part, you can't rely on bike manufacturers that you trust to build quality bike trailers. Evidently, it's just not worth it for them. Your options for brands to choose go on to names like Instep and Aosom. Considering the narrow definition of 'bike trailer'; each of these brands offers a remarkably unique product.

When the Cargo Is Kids: Child Bike Trailers
It can be nerve-wracking the first time you put your child on a bike trailer. It's tough to trust something you're not looking at all the time. But as soon as you see how tough and well designed these are, you'll realize it's exactly the same as pushing your child in a stroller, only faster, and less tiring. Things like large wheels, suspension, and properly secured interior seats mean the little bumps in the road won't cause any great disturbance to your child. We've seen many a youngster doze off in a child bike trailer.

When the kids get older, give a tagalong bike a shot. These are designed to make the child feel safe riding a bike, and may ultimately shorten the length of time before your child is two-wheeling alone. In the meantime, you get to enjoy longer bike rides with the whole family, without having to stop and deal with a skinned knee or wrist.

Canine Carriers: Pet Bike Trailers
We know what you're thinking, "that dog has legs, let him walk." You've probably got a point. But at some juncture, you may want to get to the park in a hurry. You don't feel like running, your dog can't keep up with a bike, sounds like a dog bike trailer would be pretty handy. And of course, for small dogs of all kinds and old dogs in general, a pet trailer means they don't have to miss out on the fun because they can't keep up.

Cargo Bike Carriers for the Commute
Today's urban commuter is getting smarter, more efficient, greener, and fitter. To that end, many are picking up a little extra cargo capacity than their messenger backpack. A cargo bike carrier does the trick, without wearing you down or rattling your groceries, shopping loot, or other property. Check out the great cargo bike carriers Aosom.

What Satisfied Customers Are Saying

soooooo cute
By Kathy from Bermuda Dunes,CA on 12/12/2014
Love it... We haven't put it on the bike yet... hope it fits!
exceptional customer service
By Karen from Midland, MI on 10/25/2014
I finally bought a single speed flat foot cruiser bike. I had to have the perfect basket, so I knew I had to get a Nantucket - and I knew I had to have a lid. I went ahead and ordered, when it came it was missing a few items. Leather Straps, they went and Fed Ex'd me a replacement right away! so impressed. LOVE IT .... the new one is on my bike as we speak and I rode it around the block.
By Emma from TUCSON,AZ on 9/25/2014
This was for our daughter's bike, it is so cute and perfect for what we needed it for.
By Carlos from Florida on 9/8/2014
Is made of plastic, i would prefer a more durable material, but is good..
It is a great carrier
By Walt from MANCHESTER,TN on 7/10/2014
The carrier is everything I expected, If you try and take it back Princess will bite
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