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Best Boat for the Money, IMHO
By Scooterdude from Undisclosed on 5/9/2015
While you can spend more money obviously, and you can come up with more "Features" for that money, I believe the money I spent for this canoe was the best value far and away. It is solid, stable and well crafted for what I am sure with some care will be the last canoe I will ever need to purchase. I have both paddled and powered the canoe, 2hp gas outboard, and it performed very well. I have done both solo and with up to two other people in the boat with gear. Bottom line, I feel safe, I feel I got more than my money paid for and I feel the quality is there to have it last for a very long time.
Amazing kayak for fishing
By Danny123 from Fairbanks, AK, United States on 4/28/2015
I bought this a year ago and have taken it river fishing and lake fishing for huge northern pike in Alaska and have no reason to get a new one. Only down side be careful with the foot rest the locking tab can break.
Kids sit on top Lifetime 6 ft blue Kayak
By Melissa from Culver,OR on 12/27/2014
Our 10 year old and 12 year old love this kayak!! Also, now the 7 yr old wants it. We plan to hand it down to the littler ones next year. This is an awesome kayak...our 10 yr old son took it out on Lake Billy Chinook in 50 degree sun and loved it. We will add more to our fleet next year! Thanks and happy kayaking!!!
By Jan from st louis, mo on 8/23/2014
Exactly what we wanted. Delivered quicker than expected. Excellent quality. Will definitely be a repeat shopper.
enjoying it
By Joseph from SALT LAKE CITY,UT on 8/2/2014
my wife and I are enjoying it a lot more then we thought
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Take on water the old-fashioned way- with a paddle. is your source for all things paddling. Whether you're looking for recreational kayaks for touring, day trips, and general leisure, or something more specific like a fishing kayak, you're in the right place. We even offer a variety of recreational canoes if single-blade paddling is more your speed. Whatever floats your boat. Kayaks and canoes are a way to explore waters the way it's been done for thousands of years. No sputtering motors, no blaring fans, just the sound of your paddle cutting into the water and your craft gliding along. Not only are kayaks and canoes a more peaceful, more relaxing way to experience boating, they provide a terrific opportunity for exercise, too. Whatever your aim, be it fishing, fitness, adventure, or leisurely nature watching, our kayaks and canoes will take you places you just can't reach on foot. Have a look around our site. We're sure you'll find something seaworthy in our selection. And once you find it, we've also got paddles and kayak and canoe accessories on offer, so you won't find yourself up a creek without the essentials.