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Built to last once you get it assembled
By Stephanie from OMAHA, NE on 10/16/2015
Awesome, sturdy goal/rebounder. Perfect size for the backyard. It weighs 70 pounds so it stays put. Full assembly is required, which took me over an hour, but was totally worth it. The steel tubing has a durable powder coated finish. I think it will las at leastt until my kids outgrow this backyard soccer goal, which might be when the move away to college:).
Soccer for Recess
By Lucy from LEXINGTON, KY on 10/7/2015
The goals are easy to set up and I love the fact they adjust so that various grade levels can use. The pins are difficult to get through, so I though about using a nut and bolt. Overall I like this product.
Great soccer goal
By Homer from SanFrancisco, CA on 10/1/2015
My son was so happy to see this in the mail. It is very easy to pop open and close. The goals are well made and come with extra anchor pegs. It has provided countless hours of fun in the park. So much so that other kids have come up and ask if they can play. Overall very happy with the purchase and definitely would recommend ordering through Hayneedle
Fun to use. Easy to assemble with one exception.
By Charles from Minneapolis, MN on 9/28/2015
Once assembled, the rebounder works as expected, and most importantly, inspired my kids to go out and practice. It's much easier to get a lot of kick repetitions when you don't have to retrieve the ball out of the back of a regular soccer net after each kick. Even unstaked, we never knocked the net over, though I plan to stake it down after I mow the lawn to keep it from tipping when the ball hits the net. The assembly instructions are accurate but demand careful reading. The type is set close horizontally (little space between letters and words) and vertically (lines are close together), which made it easy to skip important steps for this reader who is accustomed to scanning instructions. The parts of the rebounder went together easily, though on two occasions I had to rotate a class of parts 90 degrees to properly line up holes or attach the correct ends. The instructional omission is how to attach the net using the supplied bungies. The instructions have you construct the equipment with the tubes through the bungie loops, so it was not obvious to me how to attach the net. I watched the video to see how it is to be done. It looked to me like the woman wrapped the bungie twice around the tube to make a loop into which the head (a black plastic half-sphere with jack-o-lantern-like teeth at the equator) could be secured. Doing that around the whole net was pretty difficult and resulted in a very tight net with the border of the net held tightly against the tubes. Too tight, I think, as one of the strings broke when I kicked the ball through the net at the white margins. This may be useful to others assembling this rebounder: I loosened the net by changing how I used the bungies to attach the net. While holding the bungie head in one hand, I stretched and twisted the opposite end of the bungie with my other hand to make a loop through which I secured the bungie head. This actually seemed a bit loose to me, so I kept the very tight bungies on the right and bottom sides and the looser method on the opposite sides to average the tightness between too tight and (possibly) too loose.
Great Buy
By Chris from SanDiego, CA on 9/9/2015
Was delivered on time as promised, stright forward instructions, went up quickly and easily, and works great. Fantastic buy!
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Soccer Glossary

Following are definitions for a few key soccer terms and phrases to help familiarize you with the world's most popular sport.

Attacker: A player on either team who has possession of the soccer ball.

Breakaway: When an attacker with the soccer ball approaches the soccer goal undefended.

Corner Kick: A type of restart where the soccer ball is kicked from the corner in an attempt to score.

Dribbling: The basic skill of advancing and controlling the soccer ball with the feet.

FIFA: Acronym for Federation Internaitnale de Football Association. Since 1904 FIFA has been the official governing body of international soccer. FIFA established the World Cup tournament and helps set and revise rules of the game called the 17 Laws.

Front Header: When a player strikes a ball in the air with his or her forehead. This is the most common type of header.

Goal: When a soccer ball crosses the soccer goal line between the goalposts and below the crossbar for which a point is awarded.

Goalkeeper: A player positioned directly in front of the soccer goal who tries to prevent shots from getting into the net behind him. A goalkeeper is the only player allowed to use his hands and arms, though only within the penalty area.

Kickoff: The method of starting a game or restarting it after each goal, where a player passes the ball forward to a teammate from the center spot.

Laws of the Game: The 17 main rules for soccer established by FIFA.

Passing: When a player kicks the ball to his teammate; used to move the ball closer to the opposing goal, or to keep the ball away from an opponent or to give the ball to a player who is in a better position to score.

Penalty Shot: A kick taken from the penalty spot by a player against the opposing goalie without any players closer than 10 yards away. A penalty shot is awarded only for the most severe rule violations.

Striker: A striker is the team's most powerful and best-scoring forward who plays towards the center of the soccer field.

Sweeper: A defender who plays closest to his own goal behind the rest of the defenders.

Tackling: Tackling is the act of taking the ball away from a player by kicking or stopping it with the feet. Only a minimal amount of contact is permitted to knock the ball carrier off balance.

World Cup: The international soccer competition held by FIFA every four years between the top professional teams in the world. It is the most watched event in the world.

Yellow card: A yellow card is given to a soccer player to warn him of dangerous or unsportsmanlike behavior.

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