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Alarm Clocks

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Alarm Clock Help

The desktop alarm clock is the most common alarm clock style. Despite its name, its primary use is not as an emergency lookout for workplace napping. Digital alarm clocks are functional and space-efficient, with at-a-glance info on time, day, date, and more. Bedside alarm clocks are heavy on the features that sleepers need, including the snooze feature, illuminated faces, and digital displays for those woozy, dream-interrupted mornings when clock hands and Roman numerals look like an ancient indecipherable language.

Avoid missed wakeup calls and unfamiliar alarms with a travel alarm clock that gets the basics right. These feature protective shells and decorative cases for frequent travelers, but they can also be used as at-home backups.

Atomic alarm clocks synchronize their time several times a day via radio signals, ensuring theft-free, up-to-the-second accuracy. A middle-of-the-night power outage is all it takes to earn you an unwelcome wakeup call from The Boss. Alarm clocks with battery backup are your shelter from the knock-out-power storm.

Whatever the problem is that you are trying to solve, we offer awesome alarm clocks to fit anyone's need.